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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Men's Fingerless Gloves pattern

     I'm storing this pattern for Men's Fingerless Gloves here because the main source on Ravelry is gone and it's only in an archived spot.  It's a variation of the Red Cross WWII Fingerless gloves called Trigger Gloves; copied here - WWII Mittens and Gloves.  I like that the cast on is a bit smaller, adding the rest of the stitches later at the wrist. The thumb shaping has purls going up and I find that easier to follow and makes a handsome edging. It also has better reviews for fit.

Men's Fingerless Gloves

Pattern alterations of Red Cross WWII Trigger Mittens
 by J. Campbell

Men's Fingerless Gloves
Fits medium-large man's hand
Width of glove, minus thumb, is about 4.5"-4.75" wide
Sport weight or light weight worsted yarn, less than 200 yards/m (I used less than two skeins of Lion Brand AL PA KA, a 30% alpaca, 30% wool, 40% acrylic mix which comes in 1.75 oz/50 gm balls (about 107 yds/98 m per ball)
set of 4 or 5 dpns (pattern is written for set of 5), size to get gauge (I used US size 3's)
cotton thread/yarn for stitch holders
blunt needle for darning in ends
stitch markers
6 stitches per inch
Right Glove
Cast on 52 stitches on 4 dpns (13-13-13-13). Work in k2, p2 ribbing for 2.5"-3" or desired length. On last round of ribbing, increase 4 stitches evenly for a total of 56 stitches. Change to stocking stitch and work 3 rounds.
Thumb Gusset
On next round, start thumb gusset as follows: (Place marker if desired) P1, inc. in next st., k2, inc. in next st., P1. (Place marker if desired.)
K2 rounds even, keeping the P 1 sts uniform.
Next round: P1, inc. in next st., K 4, inc. in next st., P1, K to end of round. K 2 rounds even, keeping the P2 sts. uniform.
Continue to inc. every 3rd round in sts. inside of P1 sts. until there are 18 sts between the 2 p sts.
Next round: K1, slip next 18 sts. onto holder or string, cast on 4 sts, K around. (56 stitches)
K even for 1/2" inch or desired length to beginning of fingers.
Now, starting with needle on line with the thumb, leave first eight stitches on needle, then slip 40 stitches onto stitch holder or cotton string (I prefer cotton string), leaving remaining 8 "back of hand" stitches on remaining needle.
First Finger
Now, knit first eight stitches (palm of hand), cast on 3 st for gusset, and k remaining 8 st (back side of hand) for first finger. Work 1 to 1.5" in. or to desired length, then change to k 1, p1. (To keep in ribbing pattern, it is necessary to purl together the last two stitches of the first round of
ribbing). Continue in k1, p1 for about 4 rounds, then bind off in rib.
Second Finger
Pick up 7 from back of hand, 3 st from 1st finger gusset, and 8 st from palm of hand, and cast on 3 for gusset. Join, work in round in same manner as for 1st finger. Bind off.
Third Finger
Pick up 6 st from back of hand, 3 from 2nd finger gusset, 7 from palm of hand, and cast on 3 for gusset. Join, work as for 2nd finger.
Little Finger
Use remaining 12 st, pick up 2 from 3rd finger gusset. Work for desired length and bind off.
Pick up 18 stitches on a string and 4 stitch which were cast on. Work a few rounds in stocking st to desired length, finish in k1 p1 ribbing as for fingers. Bind off.
Left Glove
Work as for right glove, except starting at thumb gusset increases, work around to last 6 st of round. P1, inc. in next st., K2, inc in next st., P 1. Work as for other glove. Remember when picking up sts for fingers that back and palm of hand are now reversed.

Copyright 2000 J. Campbell.

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