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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Yarns: Project Peace and The Honey Cowl


 My Honey Cowl on top of my Great Grandmother's Saratoga Trunk

     My yarn for Project Peace never arrived.  It might be lost in its travels; it disappears on the tracking last Wednesday in Indiana.  It's from KnitPicks and they've always been fast, but it was Black Friday weekend, so...  But Project Peace 2018 started Saturday, December 1st.  So I remembered this lovely green KnitPicks Preciosa Tonal Worsted I had two skeins of.  And I immediately found a simple but lovely cowl that's long and will be perfectly snuggly to wear called Honey Cowl.

© madelinetosh

 It's also all right if it takes forever.  I'm simply doing a bit here and there and still focusing on my two gifts I need to finish.

     Project Peace 2018 has so far been a lovely string of daily blog posts by The Healthy Knitter.  We're dwelling on different "P's" to process PEACE in our lives.  For me, I thought of PERSISTENCE as a necessary element for me.  I constantly have to remind myself to reach for peace, persist when I fail and retry over and over again.  Present was a very good word introduced at the beginning of the week.  We need to BE, AWAKE, aware, here in the now.  And yesterday a reminder to walk that can bring peace, a time to reflect.  Today the word is positive words for affirmations.  So whether you knit along or not join us on this peace journey.  December 21st. is a peace knit-athon where everyone is encouraged to knit that day, together in peace. (The Healthy Knitter post full of details: THK Project Peace 2018)
"The KAL culminates on December 21, World-Wide Knit for Peace Day. The 2018 Project Peace pattern symbolizes 'seeds of peace' representing that age-old wisdom that one simple seed, one peaceful act, can nurture others, growing and cultivating the peace we all seek. Blog posts will offer simple steps readers/knitters can take to create more peace and harmony in their own life, even as simple as enjoying a 20-minute walk in the outdoors." Project Peace 2018

  I tried to read "The Music Shop", again.  I do really love it, but I got hooked on this apocalyptic book series "After the EMP: Survival in a Powerless World" Boxset by J.S. Donovan.  Totally I put it away for a whole day because of the violence.  I had just started the second half of the series.  Same EMP disaster, new characters in another location.  I kept reasoning with myself.  I'm doing Project Peace 2018, I need to read peaceful stuff.  Or, the violence can't be good for you, my mind told myself.  But like a kid, I wanted to know what was going to happen.  I think I reasoned it out that I'm much more peaceful enjoying myself and it's a fun read (violence notwithstanding).  I really feel like I'm acknowledging an addiction to junk food here.  But I've tried and I will get back to good reads, soon.  I promise.  I just need just a bit more of this adrenaline pumping fun read.

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  1. I have made several Honey Cowls and enjoyed the stitch pattern very much. I hope you find peace in yours. It is a pretty color.

  2. Hi! I hope you enjoy the Honey Cowl - I made one as a gift a few years ago, and it was a fun knit. BTW, the kitty is in your photo looks like a real sweetie. :-)

    1. My kitty is named Jenny and she was a wild cat outside at our last apartment, in the woods. She lived on Voles (large type of mole, not a typo). I'd sit on the porch and we fed her and she'd run up and finally she sat on my feet. One week she disappeared and I thought that's that, I should of brought her in. There are mountain lions and foxes that eat cats in the area. When it became real cold we brought her in, then we moved in the winter and took her. No regrets. Meow! :)

  3. Oh! You are genius!! I have been struggling with the Peace Pattern (I am wishing for some mindless knitting - and this requires a bit of attention!) A Peaceful Honey Cowl will be the perfect thing! THANK YOU!!!