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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Simply Saturday - Christmas Hats!


     Finally, I've started my Christmas hat knitting!  My goal: to knit everyone a hat, including the family I stayed with in Maine.  Except for my two daughters, one a teen who refuses to wear a hat and the other one who is able to knit circles around me (shhh, I'm thinking of giving her yarn).  So in my dreams I'd like to get one done a week, but I've left the hat pattern choice up to them (something out of my previous hat blogs, see below), so depending on the ease of the pattern we'll see how fast it goes.  Of course the word fast and me are not usually used in the same sentence.

     My first hat is using up some black Wool-Ease worsted I had leftover from last Christmas knitting (Christmas Knitted Up).  I'm using the Ravelry pattern: Bankhead (Free Pattern).  I'm doing a simple, but slightly more challenging stitch then I have done, knitting in the back, but easy once I get into the flow and used to it.  Great results so far.  I'm also using my double points making it more challenging, but this is the hat being done before I can make an order for supplies.  So I'm just using what I've got. and I think it'll look great when done.

List of previous Hat Pattern posts for Christmas knitting inspiration-


  1. Great idea, I knit socks for friends and my grand children, just been a bit slow lately.

    1. I wanted to knit socks for Christmas gifts too but after knitting 4 hours during my oldest college graduation, and only getting a tiny bit done, I decided while it's a great idea, I'd never get them done. Now I hope to get back to them and finish them for myself. That daughter is actually a sock knitting enthusiast. Enjoy your socks!