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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tuesday - What's Up in My Knitting World

Joining "Frontier Dreams" today and sharing my creations.

I had the most amazing yarn delivered to College of Atlantic where I was visiting my son.  I was inspired to buy a Malabrigo in fall tones (color: marte): Friday Fantasy Knits- Autumn Shawl Dreams

College of The Atlantic

While I didn't get my hands in it till I reached home, I'm happily working on my Elise's Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief now.

  It's going up real fast in this DK weight yarn on #8 needles.  Almost too fast, I don't want the project to end!  My remedy for that is to begin my Christmas hat knitting (more on that later).

     On the reading front, I've happened upon a book series that just is great!  The first one I read was free on Kindle last month, Body of Evidence (Evidence Series Book 2) and I searched for another one and got the first in the series Concrete Evidence (Evidence Series Book 1), which is free now on Kindle through Amazon.

     While the themes are both connected to archeology (the author being an archeologist), they are totally different reads and characters.  Just loving them, adventure, witty, intrigue.  The characters' witty repertoire is fun and amusing and a plot you don't want to end.  Oh, and did I mention romance?  My favorite style, slow, hesitant and slowly coming to a boil.  And usually a situation where they mustn't.  And the books are long. The last book managed to last me my entire 2 week trip to Maine.  Of course I alternate reading and knitting, so that lengthens any read.  But it was so fun, I kept looking at the percentage of pages to go and sighing in relief that I had plenty left to read!  Goodreads review.

My reading and knitting nook behind Turrets at College of The Atlantic in Maine,
an Ecology themed college.

     Soon, unknown to me, a reception for the parents was held for Parent weekend, so I was surprised to be joined by everyone from the President of COA to Jonathan's friends and parents.  I had no clue (didn't read the schedule yet) and it was a pleasant surprise with very good hor d'oeuvres (fancy seafood pastries and vegetarian delights, I'm Pescatarian, in other words I'm a Vegetarian that eats fish) and wine.

     Happy reading and knitting this week!  Drink in the autumn colors while they exist. Somethings are so beautiful, but are so fleeting.  Does that make them more beautiful?  The poignancy that tomorrow they will all blow away and just be a memory.  Enjoy it while it lasts, before the winter winds blow.  Thankfully I love the snow and cold too!  Each season in its own time is amazing and beautiful.  Enjoy.

Join "Frontier Dreams" to post your  projects on Tuesday or later in the week.

Nicole says: "The act of creating, in one form or another, preserves my sanity amongst the chaos of life. This explains why I always have more than one project going at a time as well as why my housework tends to fall behind. I enjoy seeing what others are working on and keeping calm with, too. What are you creating? What is keeping you going? Snap a picture or two and share it with the rest of us by leaving your link" on her blog, link above.


  1. Your knitting is lovely! Enjoy it.

    Those turrets! I am in love with them.

    1. Thank you. It was a really nice place to sit and knit. My son is fortunate to be there.

  2. Loving your shawl .. do you know how much DK yarn it will take? Please post a picture when complete.
    Are you on Ravelry?

    1. Yes, I am on Ravelry, the project title is "Elise's Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief" and the original ABS shawl takes 230 - 240 yards of DK, but look through others projects of it. I want my a bit bigger and the Malabrigo is 335 yds. I'm not sure how big it will be. Later I'd like to make a green one (maybe Christmas time) and make it with 2 skeins so it's huge. Just a lovely pattern and there are 10,282 in the project section. Fun to scroll through and get an idea what the different yardage will create. Good luck, enjoy and I'll be sure to post pictures!