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Monday, October 24, 2016

Monday Moments - Back From Maine


     After two weeks in Maine I'm so happy to be just home.  I loved seeing my son and his super serious and so sweet girl, but home is where my heart is.

Picking Apples in Maine, the creative way to reach high up.

My son Jonathan's 21st birthday, I made Triple Chocolate Cupcakes and they made Nutella Frosting to frost them that night.

My Stash Scarf (more like kerchief) that I finished, but I need to block still.

     Some pictures of my visit to my son's college- College of The Atlantic, voted #1 in Environmental Studies by the Princeton Review and Sierra Club - The Greenest College in America.  He's studying sustainable building and works with the campus carpenter all year round.


     I'm waiting while my son is in class and unknown to me I was about to be surrounded by the staff and parents and Jon's friends. I had no idea the opening reception for the Parent weekend was on the veranda of Turrets.  So after a few people appeared, I looked up and there was the President of COA sitting on the veranda wall in front of me!  The party and yummy hors d'oeuvres and such lovely people came to me and (I thought) my little secret hideaway.  I had just asked my son to find a spot with the view of the ocean.  

Emily, Jon's girlfriend also works in the Greenhouse (where they met) and helped design and plant this garden on the back of Turrets' porch.

My yarn for my current knit, details to come.

Future Thoughts-

      In order to enjoy blogging more and not get too wrapped up in it daily (because I enjoy it, but being a perfectionist I do spend hours making sure I've made a good post), I've decide to cut down to three posts a week instead of 5 and alternate different days depending on my mood.  I do want to stick with Tuesday's Frontier Dreams and Wednesday's Yarn Along.  I want to knit more, fancy that!  I also found I was repeating myself too much about what I was doing (yawn after awhile) and in some cases less is more.

Waiting for my son in his residence off of their kitchen, a quiet secluded nook with a Fall view.

Jon's dorm where he is RA and watches over two wings.

See ya tomorrow.

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