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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Apple Pie and Will's Hat

     I'm going to keep this short because there's an apple pie to bake and other Thanksgiving preparations.  This year I need to figure out a Gluten-Free version to an apple pie for my husband's sake; which is a bummer since I do make an awesome pie with a Pate Brisee recipe handed down from my Mom.  She added a Tbl. of apple cider vinegar and used a Tbl. sugar (the real trick is to handle it quickly and lightly and use cold butter and chill afterward).  So I'll try the same recipe with rice flour.  My Mom's apple pie was always amazing, a Tbl. of cinnamon being a trick and dotted butter on the top under the crust.  Since GF crust will not handle well with a rolled-out top I'm going to try Chocolate Covered Katie's Apple Pie topping, it should be good.


     As for knitting, I'm making progress on Will's Hat - "A Zappy Tall Hat for Will" in Malabrigo Rios, color Volcan.  The brim came out beautifully with a simple 2 x 2 rib.  And the stitch is easy to memorize.  It should finish up quickly.  I just need to estimate how long the bind off is, so I can get around an 11" length and have some leftover yarn for a good pom-pom.

     I'm still reading The Golden Hour and still loving and savoring it.

Come on by and check out our Ravelry group Ravelry Resistance Knitters where we do Craftivism to help make a change and/or simply to help!

     We are currently doing Hats, Cowls, and Scarves for Asylum Seekers in Asylum Cities in the Northeast, but also some hats have been delivered across the border to Migrants by some courageous people.  All of our creations are sent to a private address of the head of Suenos Sin Fronteras, a relief organization.  She is a knitter herself and a member of our group and lovingly distributes our creations.  An incredibly direct approach to helping the Migrants.

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  1. Great yarn for an autumn hat. I am going to look for that pie recipe. Pie crust is not my best baking act. Maybe a new recipe will help. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. A great pie crust is Cooks Illustrated Fool-proof Vodka Pie Crust. Google it, it's been blogged about several times. As for my gf pie crust, it was worthy of tears. I'll have to keep practicing with new recipes.

  3. That hat patterning is lovely! I really like that deep rich color as well! I finished my pumpkin pie and got through the heel flap and gusset of those socks! I hope you got your pies done as well! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. I hope my contribution got there! I LOVE your hat. It is cranberry like

  5. How might I obtain a copy of the pattern for Will's Hat? Thanks.