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Friday, November 1, 2019

Quick & Thick Scarf


Thick & Quick Scarf

Pattern link at bottom
Ravelry Pattern - Quick & Thick Scarf

     It’s Colorado and the snow is falling in October! Great inspiration for a white woolly scarf.  That’s how this scarf started this week. I’ve adapted a simpler version of the Fisherman’s Rib called the Half Fisherman’s Rib. Essentially the original stitch produces a very thick, too thick scarf and after brainstorming a bit I thought certainly one can do a rib on one side and reduce the bulk? Turned out perfect! And then I found this less know stitch had a name. More details on the Half Fisherman’s Rib - How to knit the half Fisherman’s rib and Knit Below One (YouTube). It’s super simple and makes the knitting go so much faster than the original Fisherman’s Rib.  Pictures of this stitch say there’s a difference to the two sides, I can’t really see it. Both are beautiful to me.

  I’ve done this scarf up in Lion’s Wool-Ease Thick & Quick but I imagine it would be lovely if done in pure soft wool. Please share your experiences with this pattern on Ravelry.  The length is up to you! A manly short scarf or a really long one to wrap several times around your head. I really think this is a winner scarf and bound to make some lovely gifts during the holidays.

Pattern Link - Quick & Thick Scarf

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