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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Hats for Migrants KAL and "Well Met"

Hats for Migrants KAL 

Sunday, September 1st - Sunday, October 20th

Any hat pattern or fiber craft can be done. 
 Hats are sent by crafters to Suenos Sin Fronteras for Migrants in Asylum Cities in Northeast.

and join for details.
Contests and Prizes will be awarded!

Suenos Sin Fronteras  (Facebook Page)
Suenos Sin Fronteras  (Web page)

     I'm busy trying to create a pattern for a Hats for Migrants KAL that starts September 1st.  I had thought I lost my double-pointed needles a few weeks ago when I went to my daughter's old house in Upstate New York for my husband and son to help make repairs.  Intending to create a pattern there, I was thwarted by no needles!  The work there on the house took a drastic turn, rotted walls, ants of all sizes falling from the ceiling and pouring (literally) from the old wall.  Walls knocked down that had to be replaced.  Going to Walmart or anywhere else to get needles was not an option!  And, of course, when I unpacked when I got back to Colorado, there they were stuck in a green skein of wool in an outside pocket.  So I'm running behind.

     Also, I thought I could whip up the old pattern I used several years ago and do some adjustments to make it better and be done.  But no I hit a goldilocks situation.  This one was too big.  Also, I was a bit too sure of myself and I didn't look at that pattern closely, adding 5" to the brim finished, instead of from rim and voila, an unintended slouch hat!  So I'm producing hats to come up with the perfect one.  The good side of this is I do have several sizes to share when I publish the pattern (and a slouch hat version) Saturday night at Midnight EST (10 PM in Colorado) so everyone can start Sunday on the KAL.  Of course, any hat pattern would do.  Any size, any design, any fiber craft and children's sizes too are all welcome!  A simple hat pattern the better but I'll be sharing the original pattern I altered for more variations.  Also, I'm planning on sharing on a blog post more free hat patterns.  This is an old post of free hat patterns you might find useful - Hat Patterns Galore!  Remember don't start till Sunday, September 1st so you qualify for prizes!!!

     So on Sunday, September 1st the Hats for Migrants KAL will begin!  We'll go till October 20th, a Sunday.  You can go to Ravelry Resistance Knitters on Ravelry to become apart of the fun.  All hats will be sent to our representative in Suenos Sin Fronteras, who will bring them to Asylum Cities in the Northeast (see Ravelry Resistance Knitters' group page to learn how to get the address).  We also have a member who can bring hats to a Maine Asylum center for migrants, so feel free to request that mailing information.  There will be prizes offered for those who just join and post interest in the Ravelry Resistance Knitters' group on the "Hats for Migrants KAL" thread, then a raffle at the end of the week from those posted (check out group page Ravelry Resistance Knitters for details).  Also contests throughout with prizes.  In the end, they'll be a prize for who did the most hats starting knitting September 1st (you can also crochet hats).  For those who are interested, there will be a raffle for a giveaway of a night at a bed and breakfast at the end too.  But best of all we're making heads warm and welcoming new people to our country who have gone through a lot to simply get here.  That in itself is all the reward any of us really need, imagine the smiles under the brims!

     Meanwhile, I'm slogging through the 7th book in Nevada Barr's mystery series about Anna Pigeon.  She's a ranger found in National Parks inevitably hovering over a dead body with a mystery.  I've loved all her books so far, but this one.  "Liberty Falling" is set in Ellis Island during a time when Anna is in New York City because her sister Molly is possibly dying.  The only interesting thing is the descriptions of the old hospital attached to the restored parts of Ellis Island.  Old buildings slowly being reclaimed by nature that she explores.  I'm making myself finish the book because it's a series I've enjoyed and I want to know what happens to Anna and Molly.

      So I'd much rather be reading a new book sitting on my table, my BOTM selection "Well Met".  It's a new book released on September 3rd, but we got it early!  A comedic romantic romp through a Renaissance Faire I dearly want to dive into.  Perhaps Anna Pigeon will have to wait a bit while I dive into a funnier world.  It sounds funny and witty and very good from the reviews.

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  1. I am so excited to knit a hat or two! I am going to find a pattern and some yarn today! Thank you!

  2. What a great KAL! Thanks for getting this rolling. :-)

  3. The KAL sounds great! I'm finishing up another project, but hope to get a few hats done soon. It's so nice to be able to directly improve folks experience and to let them know they are welcome and appreciated.

    Isn't it funny how differently people perceive things? Liberty Falling is one of my favorite Nevada Barr books. The other title looks interesting too.

    1. I'm glad you liked the book. I think after 200 some pages I'm getting somewhere exciting. But like you said, it's just me, I love her writing and I'm going on to the next one. To stop reading them would be to not find out what happened to a friend, her character of Anna and Molly are so real.

  4. I'm going to join you !!!!! Great idea. Love it. Will share with my charity knit friends.

    1. Thank you! Let them know that we do have direct access to someone to deliver hats and there will be prizes!!! :)

  5. Great idea for a KAL. Your hats look warm and cozy.