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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Reyna Shawl Grows and The Mystery Series Continues


     I'm hooked on my Reyna Shawl  finding it's what I want to knit on most of the day.  I disappear into it's rhythmic knit if I'm on my porch or curled in my favorite chair or keeping an elderly artist company in his studio.

     So far I've changed the counts of rows for garter sections and lace.  I have an 11 ridge garter section (22 rows) repeated and an ever-growing lace section.  The first was 3 holes (6 rows, two actually by mistake, I kept on going and they looked too good to rip out).  I then did 4 holes (8 rows), then 6 holes and 8 will be next.  This is instead of an 8 hole (16 rows) and 16 hole finish.  Less airy and more substance with the garter.  I'll then use up my larger Whales Road Malabrigo Mechita skein (420 yds) with garter at the end.

     Finishing up "Rule of Law: A Jade Harrington Novel" (Jade Harrington Series Book 2).  Good plot, seems a bit dragged out.  I'm still guessing on a bullying/murder case of high school students and cyber thefts of millions.  But I still love the FBI Agent Jade and the writing is interesting so I'll be into the third book soon (which came out a few weeks ago) - "The Divide: A Jade Harrington Novel" (The Jade Harrington Series Book 3)

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  1. Oh my lilacs are about to bloom anytime now. There are a few buds open and Iput my nose to them and I just inhaled their amazing fragrance, and can't wait for more to come. I love your shawl. Im' knitting a shawl and I haven't touched it in 3 days. Just too much going on. I need to get back to my boring routine....or comfortable routine. Im so tired. even though all the goings on were fun!

  2. My shawl is chugging along..I'm reading a book called The Gown..The weather is too cold for spring..but great for wearing a woolly warm sweater I love.

  3. Your shawl is coming along beautifully! I am chugging through the first Inspector Lynley novel - and feel like spending the summer with him and Havers will be wonderful!

  4. I sure do like the changes you made to the shawl pattern. Garter stitch is so soft and peaceful (for me) to knit. Interesting books too.


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