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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Reyna Shawl And New Mystery Series

     I'm working on my Reyna Shawl often, with its soft Malabrigo Mechita yarn in Whales Road.  For a single ply yarn, it is so far not pilling and that's appreciated.  I think Mechita is my favorite fingering yarn so far.

     Reyna is a shawl with a series of ever-growing lace panels within garter sections.  I found that I really liked one Reyna made with smaller lace sections; so I'm trying out fewer lace rows than the pattern.  The pattern has an ever increasing amount of lace rows, going from 2 rows, to 4, to 8 and then 16.  I accidentally did 3 rows of lace at first by mistake and it was too pretty to rip out; so the next I did the 4 rows and I'm thinking of doing 6 rows and then maybe 8 (or 8 and then 12, I haven't decided yet).  The garter rows became thicker kinda by accident.  I was watching an elderly local artist friend and having tea with him.  The moment was perfect and I was into my Garter stitches and there was no way I was diverting my attention to doing holes.  So I created an 11 ridge garter section (22 rows) instead of 8 ridges of garter in the pattern and I'm repeating that since I know I have more yarn than the pattern is called for and I know I'm doing smaller lace sections.  It looks good.

© Noora Laivola

 Reyna by pinkamingo (fewer lace rows)

     I finished Don't Speak: A Jade Harrington Novel (Jade Harrington Series Book 1) last night and I loved it!  It has a surprise ending to this serial killer mystery that will take you definitely by surprise!  I'm a bit upset at the outcome but you will see why.  The plot is four entwined storylines between the murderer, the FBI agent Jade Harrington who's after him, a woman candidate running for president and one of the top Conservative Radio hosts (who are being hunted down and killed).  Be prepared to be sucked in.

I started the next book in the series also last night - Rule of Law: A Jade Harrington Novel (Jade Harrington Series Book 2).  Be prepared both books to start out gruesome, but I found the first book didn't continue so much throughout the book.  It does get your attention.  This book is about bullies beating to death students and we know so far that Agent Jade has a childhood past of being bullied; this is why she studied to be a 4 degree Black Belt.  The newly elected president holds a secret that is revealed at the end of the first book.  This is a three part series and the final book came out two weeks ago.

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  1. I love your Reyna yarn choice and I agree with you - the smaller lace sections are perfect!

  2. That shawl is going to be beautiful. I love your approach to knitting the pattern your own way.

  3. Oh that yarn with that pattern is perfection!


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