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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Washcloths and Did the Loyalists Almost Kill Washington?

     This week I saw a beautiful new cotton yarn at KnitPicks - CotLin Reflections, and I do hope to get it, but I knew I had some cotton yarn from Walmart in our storage unit.  After cleaning out loads of clothes for our ARC (like Goodwill) I found the yarn, so I've doubly cleaned up!  I'm hoping to make washcloths and dishcloths for a gift when I visit my family's vacation place in the Adirondack Mountains this summer.  I thought it a useful and thoughtful gift.  I also now have a request for washcloths for Asylum Seekers at the border, see below for details.

     I'm using the FREE pattern from KnitPicks to do my washcloth -  Kyna's Washcloth.  This pattern calls for their yarn and smaller needles and doubling the yarn.  Instead, I'm using Peaches & Creme yarn (found in Walmart and many Craft Stores), single strand because it's worsted and # 7 needles (in circular needles because I find them comfortable).

"Resistance Knitters" at Ravelry - We have contact to Asylum Seekers at the border through Sueños Sin Fronteras (a group that provides relief from medical to practical to the asylum seekers) and they need washcloths. The women describe a need to have them to wash little hands and faces. Can you help? 
Request from founder and head of Suenos Sin Fronteras -

" I have another request for those that might be interested in still assisting in our efforts. We are currently assisting families at our evening/overnight shelter here in San Antonio. Many of the families, especially the women, have been asking for washcloths. They use these washcloths to bathe, clean their baby, etc. If anyone in this group feels called to make a few washcloths, we would greatly appreciate it"

Please, PM Dee at Willietattoos for the address. We have direct access to the head of the organization who will transport goods to the border personally. Thanks!

     I'm still reading "The First Conspiracy: The Secret Plot to Kill George Washington" by Brad Meltzer.  It's a good book to take in chapters; I almost think it's been written for that.  It's kind of light and repeats itself a bit, definitely not a heavy scholarly work, but it feels like he's done his research and his intended audience is your average Joe/Jill curious about this tale of how Washington almost was killed on the eve of his first major battle.  I'm right at the capturing of those involved (gasp some very close to him) and the unveiling of what seems to be the plot foiled.  You have to remember Meltzer describes this as a little know conspiracy.  It's vaguely mentioned in history books and Meltzer pieced together different sources to make an educated guess.  For instance (spoiler here) Washington's head maid was involved.  The woman who coordinated his whole staff at his home he seized to sleep in.  Because it was (probably) an embarrassment to Washington she just is suddenly gone when revelations from spies come out.  Only a note from Washington asking a friend for a lead for another head housekeeper because he is desperate for a new woman to keep his household staff organized and a notation in the accounting books are left to connect the dots.  But Meltzer uncovers an article in a Philadelphia paper that talks of the plot mentioning some facts that we know in hindsight are accurate.  One quote says that Washington's housekeeper is whispered to be involved.  Later rumors say she was on a ship for England, but otherwise, no one really knows if she was involved or what happened to her.  Don't you love little tidbits like this in history?  I do.  This book is filled with them.

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  1. Vacations in the Adirondacks! How I loved every year in those refreshing lakes. Schroon mostly.

  2. Washcloths are a lovely gift and a nice way to help out someone in need. I never thought of washcloths as a charity knit but what a fabulous idea.

  3. I think your washcloth knitting is a wonderful idea! And, such a homey gift - something especially appreciated.