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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Yarns: Tempestry Kits In for Katahdin and "The First Conspiracy"


     Wow, am I excited!  I agreed to do two Tempestries (a crafted tapestry that depicts daily temperatures in an area for a specific year) for Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument in Northern Maine.  It's a National Park that was fought for and signed into existence 2016 by Obama.  I'm doing its founding year 2016 and 1916.  This is for The National Parks Tempestry Project and a good resource to ask questions about Tempestries is the Facebook group - The Tempestry Project.

     Meanwhile, my son since 2014 (when he started at an Ecology college in Maine, College of the Atlantic) he has been doing several different adventures in the area of Katahdin.  I've heard moose stories and canoeing and camping stories.  And one story about him running many miles to connect with the small bus picking his group up (he was the group leader and there was flooding closing the bridge that the small bus should have crossed).  My son also led with another student a week-long hike on The Wilderness Trail (end of the AT) that ends at Mt. Katahdin.

      And another time he learned about poling up a river, and portage (carrying the canoe across dry spots to the next waterway) from an older Senior Citizen who graduated from COA when I was young.  These are old skills she had, in turn, learned from an older person, so it was literally passed down over a hundred years from when used to transport goods.  My son is an amazing story teller and I always look forward to his tales.  So I feel a certain bond to this place even though I live in Colorado. (Article by Friends of Katahdin Woods and Waterways - "Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument protects rich human history")

     Got my kit yesterday and of course, I was reading the instructions into late at night.  I'm opting for garter stitch to do mine (linen stitch in #10 needles is the other option) because I love meditative knits, simplicity is always my preferred choice.  I also prefer a smaller needle size and since I'll be at it for a while #7 sounded my cup of tea!  Excited, nervous.  Oh, and I have a skein of Wool of Andes yarn so I'm working out my nerves on a swatch.  Hope to dig into my colors today!  Each color represents a different temperature and there are little beads to represent precipitation.  What fun! 

     I'm still reading and listening to a variety of books about the American Revolution.  I try to keep my Audible books, about 3 of them on around the same battle.  Sounds silly but I liken it to a picture on a see-thru plastic.  And each book gives me a more detailed layer to the picture.  Most agree, but they add different details.  One book is more social history, another warfare, another biographical.  This site helped me decide on my books -"THE 100 BEST AMERICAN REVOLUTION BOOKS OF ALL TIME".

     So a girl has to unwind sometime with something fun right?  A lighter book perhaps?  I've tried.  Everything is boring compared to the Revolution.  I enjoyed "Queenie", but I itched to get back to my books.  OK, so I compromised, I started "The First Conspiracy: The Secret Plot to Kill George Washington " by Brad Meltzer, an author who I've enjoyed his fiction before.  This is a historical account and he's done a ton of research into an attempt on Washington's life that little was known about.  It was vaguely mentioned in one of my books.  But Meltzer fleshed out the "Secret Plot to Kill George Washington".  It reads like a mystery unraveled and intrigue awaits and secrets divulged.  Good fun reading (and you learn a bit too).

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  1. Your project sounds absolutely fascinating! I can't wait to watch it unfold. (And what beautiful photographs! Just lovely.)

  2. I think your Tempestry Projects sound amazing! I am excited to see them grow! And, thank you for sharing this interesting book! I have added it to my "read list"!

  3. I think i signed the petition. IT went right to a donation page when I hit send...
    I love the photographs on this post. Reminds me of Northern Wisconsin North woods. I ve always wanted to see a moose

    1. Thanks for signing the petition. Those petitions always go to donations which is a bit frustrating, I always assume our "signature" takes. I also highlighted it as an article because I assumed there was a logging issue still from an article about Trump and Zinke not shrinking the park but rewording its description that something was up about some resource, but that article didn't explain. This one did. All those beautiful trees!

  4. This project is intriguing. Keep us posted on it please.

  5. Your son sounds like he is having a wonderful time with all of his adventures. Good luck with the project, it sounds very fun.

  6. I have a new survey up 7/7/2019 if you are interested!