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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Katahdin Tempestry and Brad Meltzer Suspense

     I've been working on my tempestry for almost every day this past week since I got the kits in the mail (a Tempestry is a tapestry that shows by color what the temperature is for each day in a year).  I can do 2 weeks a day of temperatures, but lately, I hit snags, rip out and get about a week's worth of temperatures done.  But I'm crazy about what I'm doing for The National Parks Tempestry Project and loving every moment!   I picked Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument for 1916 and 2016 (the founding of Katahdin).  I really have a hard time putting it down and calling it a night, but my back hurts after awhile at my table so I pace myself.  Then at night if I have a negative thought I think of my tempestry, the colors swimming before my eyes.  We have a year to complete two tempestries.  A good resource to ask questions about Tempestries is the Facebook group - The Tempestry Project

     I'm pleased with what I have so far.  I have precipitation beads on the right for rain and melted snow.  They are triangular and come clear, light and sapphire blue.  But I also wanted to include the amounts of snow falling every day, especially since it's Maine.  So on the left are square beads from clear to blues to represent snow.  I purchased the beads in a local bead shop and the shop keeper gave me some very thin # 30 gauge wire to put the beads on.  She made a small loop and I thread the yarn on that and pull it through the bead.  I find that easier than the crochet hook recommended.

Please note my lens is slightly blue so this picture, while pretty, shows up much more blue than the greens that are actually in there. Important because that means it looks visually colder colorwise than it was in 1916.

     One thing I discovered yesterday was that when you put on the precipitation beads that they are put on the left side yarn which is the color of the DAY BEFORE.  So I realized if I wanted the beads directly on the color for a particular day I had to knit that color yarn on first and then while I knit on the next day I add beads to the previous day.  Kind of confusing at first (I can see why not recommended) but I like the effect more.  So from now on Everglade Heather Green or whatever other colors I use will have the exact beads on representing the exact amount of precipitation and/or snow.  Have I mentioned I'm particular?

     So I'm reading Brad Meltzer's "The First Conspiracy: The Secret Plot to Kill George Washington " and I'm reminded why I like this guy's writing.  And I see another book of his in a thrift store and get it for $2.  "The First Counsel" grabs you from the first wild car ride with the First Daughter of the President of the United States Nora Harston and a White House Lawyer Michael Garrick.  First date and it definitely goes wild and dangerous.  They spot a money drop by a high White House official, also Michael's boss.  The plot thickens the next day when a coworker is killed after Michael argues with her.  Not exactly sure what's happening yet but it involves blackmail, payoffs and a dead body and all fingers point to Michael, who has to prove his innocence and meanwhile you wonder how innocent is Nora?  I must admit Brad Meltzer tends to have bad girls and innocent nerds as main characters.

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  1. I love your Tempestry start! And, I really love those beads!

  2. I love the beads -- and I think this is just a lovely and fascinating project. I can't wait to follow along. :-)

  3. I've just added Katahdin to my bucket list WOW