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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Wednesday's Yarns - Presents For Maine

     Just down to the wire.  The presents for my son in Maine and his girlfriend are just done.  The thumb on his New England Boiled Mittens finished this morning.  I ship them to him and he shrinks them down to size.  Last year's adventures in shrinking his boiled mitts - Wednesday's Yarns - Boiled Fisherman's Mittens.  I made my mittens from KnitPicks Simply Wool Bulky on #8 needles.

      I finished the hat for my son's girlfriend and washed it in Woolite and soaked it for a bit in an organic hair conditioner.  Both to soften it.  It's drying on an oatmeal box with a bowl on top.  This Sockhead was made from Patons Croy Sock yarn in Celestial.  I'm getting so fond of this hat, the Sockhead Slouch Hat, that I'm tempted to keep one on the needles at all time.  I can grab this one and I can knit it without looking and just read.  Often I'd knit something for a while that needed my attention, then I'd put it down and grab this hat, so I can read.  I do have leftover Hawthorne yarn in a speckled orange on white that I'll be starting one for my youngest daughter next.

     I'm always scouting for a free book to enjoy.  Through The Fussy Librarian, I found this Romantic Suspense "Bluegrass Undercover: Bluegrass Brothers".  It's about a DEA undercover agent trying to discover where the new steroid-like drug is coming from to stop young athletes from dying.  She poses as a guidance counselor and with the new football coach they try to stop the flow of the drug while not getting killed.  It's been a fun exciting read so far.

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  1. Sockhead is a great pattern. I should whip up one more before Christmas!

  2. I have never knit a sockhead slouch hat but I should. Your blocking prop - the oatmeal box with a bowl on top- is a great idea and makes me smile. Knitters are so inventive.

  3. I have a sockhead hat on my needles and it is my portable project! I agree, it is a lovely "mindless" knit!

  4. Such lovely blue knits. Hair conditioner does work well for the wooly hats doesnt it

  5. I love all that blue, too!
    I kept the Sockhead Hat that I knit, but I really should keep one going at all times. It is the ultimate mindless knit.