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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Yarns: A TGV Shawl and "Goodbye, Paris"



     My blocked Age of Brass and Steam Shawl.  Knit in Malabrigo Silky Merino in Teal Feather and it's lovely and soft.   

     I love knitting the TGV shawl.  I did one two years ago - Monday Moments.  


     It's a fast knit, especially the way I'm doing it, on worsted yarn and #8 needles.  I just was looking for a shawl pattern and came across the TGV shawl.  Immediately I was struck with just how much I loved doing it and how the ruffle on the edge is so pretty.  I could imagine it done in some soft worsted (my other one while lovely is scratchy).  So looking at my stash of yarn I found two skeins, a blue and teal of Preciosa Tonal Worsted Yarn.  I had bought these while it was on a discontinued sale (be warned this is a really great soft yarn, but only 3 colors remain, with a disclaimer that they are bringing it back in January in new colors).

"Jojo Goodbye, Paris, an utterly charming novel that proves that sometimes you have to break your heart to make it whole." Amazon

     Another winner from Book of the Month club that is awesome!  I've collected a few of them on my shelf for that day when you want to reach over and just have the "right" book.  "Goodbye, Paris" is such a sweet and touching novel.  Beautifully written about a woman who meets her lover in Paris for 8 years to suddenly be put in a situation where her lover's secrets are revealed.  Her devastation hits you.  She plays her cello to find her equilibrium.  But in her past, years ago she has had a traumatic situation happen in a music conservatory leaving her unable to play in public.  But she professionally builds instruments and has a music shop in a small English town.  Her recovery revolves around her creations, her music and an old man and teen who are her support group.  Simple beautiful.  Lovely end. 


     After a good book, where I've sunk into delectable words and wonderful characters I feel a little down and sometimes I have a hard time finding the right book to go on to.  And by now I've finished several remarkable books this summer: "The Summer Wives" by Beatriz Williams, 'The Great Alone" and "The Nightingale" both by Kristen Hannah, now "Goodbye, Paris" and before these "Wild" and "A Walk in The Woods".  I figured since my Book of the Month picks were proving good reads I'd grab another one from my shelf.  I just started "Still Me" and it's very promising.  I didn't realize it's part of a series till now, so I'll have to check those out too.  Good, great reads up ahead!

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 Jenny my rescue cat is helping me. Last year she was a woodscat living on Voles.


  1. Beautiful knitting! I love the color of your Brass and Steam shawl! And, such good reads too! I have added a couple of books to my "read list"! Thank you!

  2. Your Brass and Steam shawl came out great. I once thought I'd knit a TGV and never did so. It might be time to revisit that pattern. Thanks for the prompt.

  3. Jenny is a beautiful one. I love your shawl. I hope it stays soft and keeps you warm

  4. The Nightingale was my favorite book last year. Such an amazing story and so powerful. I love anything by Jo Jo Moyes, enjoy Still Me.