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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Yarns - Color Shifting Shawl Done!

     After several rip outs, till it was just right, I have my Color Shifting Shawl done.  When I had gotten a whole section done in another color and really looked at it, I realized it was just too big.  I ripped most of that last section out (a couple of days work) and bound it off.  But when I draped it on my neck later it was still too long.  So with a sigh, I ripped out further.  It's exactly one color section more than the pattern, which makes sense since I added one color to the mix.  Now, I think it's perfect.  I soaked it for 30 mins. in Woolite to soften the yarn a bit.  It's lovely yarn, Hawthorne from KnitPicks, but it's a bit rough.  Hopefully, this will soften it and I'll update this with the results when it's dry. - Later- Yes, it seems a bit softer, but overall the yarn has a nice light quality to it that's great for Spring.  And I'm sensitive to scratchy wool and this feels fine on my neck. (More details on the pattern and yarn Wednesday's Yarns - Color Shifting Shawl).

The colors are still not exactly what they are because of a blue filter on my tablet.  It has more of a peach, dark rose, burgundy, violet, and grey with blue tones in it.

     I'm on to my third Longmire novel and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. "Kindness Goes Unpunished" by Craig Johnson is also great!  The books are heavily dependent on rich descriptions of characters and usually descriptions of Wyoming, but this one opens in Wyoming and quickly moves onto Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly love.  Sheriff Walt Longmire and his friend Henry Standing Bear drive across the country for the Bear to exhibit old Native American photos and Longmire to visit his daughter. The plot leaps into action right away with Walt Longmire's lawyer daughter in Intensive Care with a coma gotten under mysterious circumstances involving her boyfriend.  I'm off to find out what happens!

Philadelphia's City Hall (Pinterest)

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  1. Oh, that shawl is gorgeous! Beautifully done! And, I am on the wait list for the next Longmire book...and you make me very impatient to move up on the list!

    1. Thanks! Perfect color to wear, I'm enjoying it (even before blocking it). I definitely love the Longmire series. Thankfully there are lots of them. I tend to love an author and just clean out all their books, so thanks for the recommendation.

  2. Beautiful shawl. Sometimes it is necessary to rip out projects. I bet you will be happy you made it a more wearable size. I have one shawl that I am going to frog sometime soon. I love the yarn, the color, and the texture pattern but it is way too big for me. You have inspired me to get going on that.

  3. Your shawl is gorgeous. I admire you for ripping and reknitting until you were truly happy with the shawl. I don't do that enough!

  4. Your scarf is simply gorgeous.

  5. Your shawl is so so lovely !!!!!! You inspire me!