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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Yarns - Color Shifting Shawl Almost Done!

     I'm racing to finish my Color Shifting Shawl.  I am on the last color and hopefully, I can finish the lace and garter section today.  (More details on pattern and yarns used Wednesday's Yarns - Color Shifting Shawl ).  I get this itch to go on and in my basket peeking out at me is the yarn for my next project - West Bluff.  It's made with a selection of different Hawthorne yarns.  I've got a lovely purple, pretty grey with dark swirls in it, and a mix with turquoise in it called Abernathy (the pattern was made with Willamette which was out of stock at the time).

     On the reading front, I'm almost halfway through James Comey's book A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership.  It has been a riveting read.  Maybe that's me, I love first-hand accounts of history.  But he's a good writer that makes the reading very interesting.  You feel like you're there with his descriptions.

     I just read about his time as the Assistant Attorney General.  His race to stop illegal surveillance which had been previously authorized by the Department of Justice.  With careful review, they realized these new methods were approved in a rush after 9/11 and they were not accurately lawful.  President Bush and men around him were pushing for its continuance. The Attorney General ends up in the hospital, in intensive care and his wife gives Comey the heads up that Bush's people are coming.  Comey races to the hospital, calling support from FBI agents and sits there next to his boss.  What happens has your jaw on the ground.  He stops it.  Similarly, he fights to end illegal torture.  This again was a case of a too swift and inaccurate authorization by the Department of Justice after 9/11 to some methods of torture.  While not allowing "extremely painful" torture, a debatable term, it allowed psychological torture, waterboarding, being hung by rafters, left naked, isolated, not fed much, and a combination of these types of tortures and so on.  He did not succeed here and ultimately quit the Bush Administration.  He was brought back to the government by President Obama because he thought he would make an independent and strong FBI Director in 2013 for a 10-year term.  Despite (I believe) his error in judgment towards Hilary's case in the Fall of 16' (the announcement of found emails and reopening the case) I think the country lost a very valuable asset in Comey.  But read the book and see.

     I'm into the second Longmire book - Death Without Company by Craig Johnson.  The first The Cold Dish was great and also a shocking reveal at the end.  Most of the book is a focus on characters, conversations (dry and witty, Western-style) and then it picks up in speed towards the end.  There are some amazing descriptions of mystical scenes with ancestral Comanches, protecting, leading, helping.  Unique narrative.

     The second book Death Without Company: A Walt Longmire Mystery (Walt Longmire Mysteries Book 2) starts two weeks later.  It does reveal the end and recaps quickly a bit of the first book.  This is definitely a book series to read in order.  I'm glad to be stuck in Longmire's world for a long while.  It's a long series.

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  1. You mixed those yarns just so beautifulLY!! WOW. Thanks for the take on COmey's book. He seems like a good good person . I hope he really is