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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Yarns - Color Shifting Shawl and Longmire


      I'm working with the last colors of my Color Shifting Shawl ( more details - Wednesday's Yarns - Color Shifting Shawl).  I replaced a repeat of the first color (which the pattern called for) with "Sweet Home", a pretty violet that went perfectly with the previous color Eugene, a deep plum.  Next, a few rows away I'll add a grey with a faint stripe of blue called Kerns.   At that point, I'll decide whether to end it or use the original pinky peach Burlingame which barely showed in the first repeat.  One comment on Ravelry said it was a small shawl (which can be nice), so I'll see.  Also, I need to see how the colors play.  Do I want it to end in a dark tone or will the pop and light of the first color give not only balance but more interest?

I'm finishing the Audible "The Woman Left Behind" by Linda Howard.  A really exciting audio.  Intense.  I'll be looking for more by Linda Howard.

     My book is Craig Johnson's The Cold Dish: A Longmire Mystery.  A great read, even better than the TV series, which I loved.  I like the details about Longmire.  The subtle humor going throughout.  The landscape.  A plus with this story is  I've got the familiarity of knowing the series where I can fill in the voices and faces in my head with the show's characters I like so much.  Usually, that's a frustrating feature of reading a book after seeing it performed, but I think the show's portrayal of the characters are done so well that overlaying the characters from the show onto the book add dimension, fleshes it out  But, so far the storyline and details are different enough it really is a new story for me.  Also Longmire not only is a grieving widow, like the series, in the book, there's more dimension to his character.  For instance, in the book his cabin is only an unfinished cabin with 2 by 4's struts, few walls and he lives in boxes.  Not the pretty cabin we see in the series.  What's amusing and touching is his friend Henry Standing Bear shows up to outline the four-point plan he has for him to reclaim his life and win point #3, a lady (but you have to be worthy of her, he is told).  I'm glad I've got a long series to explore in the future and keep me company with wonderful characters.

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  1. I am still loving that shawl!
    I agree that a good listen makes the knitting time just fly.

  2. You are very good at choosing great colors to play along wth one another. Great shawl