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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Yarns - Just Knit It in Stripes!


     Despite my intentions, my hands still reach for my peaceful, rhythmic knits.  No matter what I learn in knitting, I still like simple.  My Just Knit It I started last month from scrapes from my Color Shifting Shawl is a delight to knit.  I now own a nice collection of Hawthorne yarns in various hues.  I could do it practically with my eyes closed, but that be no fun, I like seeing the colors strip together.

College of The Atlantic

     Wishful thinking on my part but I'd love to have it done as a small scarf, almost bandanna for my neck for my trip to Maine in a few weeks to see my son graduate College of The Atlantic (a very progressive Ecology college).  We'll be there a week, first in a house my East Coast family is renting.  Then the last day I've rented a lovely spot on an inland sound, Somes Sound, right on the water's edge.  After a night camping with us and his lovely girlfriend, my son is off for a summer of Alaskan Salmon fishing in a small remote village on Kodiak Island.  Hard work but he wanted time for isolation from the world to think and collect himself (he worked hard in school).  He will live in a cabin, have an outhouse and no internet.  "Mom it has a great library there!" he says.  So his adventures continue.

     I've gotten delightfully sidetracked with Lynn Kurland, again.  While waiting for a Longmire book to arrive I saw a $1.99 deal on BookBub for My Heart Stood Still, a book I'd read years ago. So then I take off and get Much Ado About Moonlight.  Such a perky and fun tale about a  Scottish ghost and a tough director trying to stage "Hamlet" in his castle.  They spar and, of course, fall in love, but now what?  What lengths Jennifer goes to save her ghost in the past.  Sweet and funny.  After that, I got another Kurland book through our local second-hand shop.  This one I'm keeping.  All I remember of this one is I loved it - A Garden in The Rain.

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College of The Atlantic


  1. Congratulations on your son's graduation. They do all need to stretch their wings don't they? I hope you have a wonderful time. By the way, I love the simple garter stitch knitting too.

  2. Big congratulations! I am very much like you , I like my knitting to be interesting with color and soothing by design!