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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Wednesday's Yarns - Finally the Hem Done!


      I've mentioned I'm a perfectionist.  I will rip and redo till it's right, but sometimes I feel like I'm ripping more than knitting.  But in my mind, it's got to be just right, perfect.  I knit away on my The Bulky Blue and I wanted it long so I went beyond the recommended length thinking it'll give it a nicer long silhouette. Wrong!  It didn't work, just too huge and it made me look like a little girl in an adult sweater.  Also, the recommended hem was just too thick and the rib too big itself.  (Pattern The Easy Bulky One)

      So the second plan, I ripped out to recommended length and tried a hem with two levels.  A thin one in front and a longer one in the back, with a split in the side.  I also went down from an 11 size needle to 10.5.  The front hem looked perfect, but I didn't like the way both hems looked and I longed for the original look.  Unfortunately, since I didn't want the slits in the side, all of it had to be ripped out.  Rip, back to 16 3/4" from shoulder underarm (recommended length).  Been here, done this too many times, but usually, the last one is the perfect one and it is.

     I again used my 10.5 needles to do just 4 rounds of 1 X 1 rib.  Unfortunately, I only have them in two sets of straight needles, one set very long, and no circulars.  So it took forever to do a side, switch all the stitches on the other side around on a needle with the point towards me (while stitches dropped from the other side).  I despaired of getting it done, but I finally did it and it looks alright.  But yarn is so forgiving.  Off the needles, last night and it looks just right.  Sigh, finally!  Now, I'm off to work on the sleeves, with changing tones of blues going down the lengths.

     Even though it was a bit of a journey to get back to how I did finish, I think it was worth it to arrive where I did, with a perfect finish to the bottom.  Sometimes the long, more difficult route is worth it since you discover exactly how you want something and how to achieve it in the end.

     I'm still reading Linda Lael Miller and I'm reading a 3 book series called The McKettricks of Texas.  I finished Tate  and I'm onto Garret and I'll soon be onto Austin.  They're all good books.  Sweet and engaging.

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  1. Persistence pays off. I knit a bit like you do, ripping and redoing until I am satisfied. We are just getting our money's worth out of the yarn. So far so good. It looks great on you.

  2. Sometimes, persistence pays off. It looks just great!

  3. It does look JUST RIGHT! Good for you!!! I'm so impressed and I love the kittys fur against the blue

  4. Can't wait to see it with the sleeves--this is great!