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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Wednesday's Yarns - Bulky Blue and the Color Shifting Shawl


     The Bulky Blue is growing so fast (for me, a slow knitter).  I'm impressed with how fast and easy this is, even after I ripped the whole thing out last week.  I've pushed to catch up and I'm onto the 4th shade of blue from Dyeing with Black Beans, a really nice dark gunmetal blue.  It's going to be so comfy and still at a size M it's plenty big!  (Pattern - The Easy Bulky One).

A little pinkier and lighter than true color, it's more vibrant, with different orange to magenta shades.

 Color Shifting Hawthorne  (KnitPicks Pic)

     Today I got a big box of goodies from KnitPicks!  I ordered the kit - Color Shifting Hawthorne Value Pack, on sale too!  I'm making the Color Shifting Shawl, which looks like an easy knit, but it's the colors of the yarns that caught my eye, incredible!  I also bought Hawthorne Tonal Hand Paint in Sweet Home, because I just love that color and I knew it look good with the others, it does! (M - Shifting Colors Shawly Ravelry Project page

      On the book front, I'm still reading Linda Lael Miller's Westerns and I have a pile of lovely books from Book of the Month I need to get my hands on.  But the Romantic Westerns are warm and cozy and just feel just right, right now.  I just finished Montana Creeds: Tyler and I loved it!  This three-book series is really good - The Montana Creeds Logan #1, Dylan #2, Tyler #3.

     I'm really excited about an Audible I just downloaded.  It's a new Linda Howard - The Woman Left Behind By: Linda Howard.  It sounds massively exciting and I'll let you know about it next week. (GoodReads - The Woman Left Behind).

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  1. Color shifting shawl. You inspired my last shawl. I hope to finish Project Peace shawl today. Im on the lookout for my next shawl. Perhaps I'll continue to follow you.

    1. This shawl makes me think of Spring. Bright fun colors. I'm having fun just winding the balls. (One day I'll get a ball winder). I just arrange the skein over a pillow and read my book on my tablet while I wind by hand. Onto the second skein, the speckled.

  2. So, here I am, trying to knit from my stash, and you go and show me the Color Shifting Shawl. Can I resist? I haven't decided!

  3. I love your colors for the Color Shifting Shawl! Fabulous!