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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Yarns - Batwing Shawl

     I impulsively joined a KAL last week - Bat-Tastic KAL.  A post was made in my facebook group Resistance Knitters about an opportunity to knit for Moms of families going through difficulties.  From the first look at the pattern, I could immediately envision the yarn I could use.  I also love the idea of being able to have something up on needles that's for someone else, especially in need.  The To the Batcave! Shawl pattern gives part of the proceeds from the pattern and yarn also made for the shawl to the Colten Cowell Foundation.  The shawls can also be donated to moms of families impacted by significant life challenges.
“ ‘To the Batcave!’ “ is a pattern inspired by, first and foremost, the crime- fighting superhero himself, and at the heart, by the many brave children and their families whose lives are impacted by significant life challenges.“"

     The pattern is very simple, an increase of three stitches on each side, every other row.  That's it for the beginning.  It's a peaceful knit and it's going up fast for a fingering weight shawl.  I'm using a very nice soft and squishy yarn - Stroll Tonal Sock Yarn from KnitPicks in Orbit (there are also other colors in this yarn that would look really nice done up as a "To the Batcave" shawl - Raven, Inverness, Train Station, Cordial, and Malbec).  Orbit was a yarn I got for another "Just Knit It" shawl (which I can do later), it just seemed the perfect color of dark blue and black for a bat.  So I ripped out the bit I did and started again.  I'm naming my shawl the "Batwing Shawl" (My Ravelry Project page).

     I'm on the bottom rows of my The Bulky Blue sweater.  Into the darkest smokey blue yarn I dyed (Feeling the Blues - Dyeing with Black Beans).  I'm thinking of adding a few more inches because I don't want a boxy look and I like my tops long to cover leggings. (Pattern - The Easy Bulky One).


     Yup, I'm still stuck on Linda Lael Miller's Romantic Westerns.  I just love them!  I finished Once a Rancher: A Western Romance (The Carsons of Mustang Creek) Book 1 and Always a Cowboy (The Carsons of Mustang Creek) Book 2 and I loved both.  The third book - Forever a Hero: A Western Romance Novel has a really exciting start.  Now I'm reading an older book of hers - At Home in Stone Creek (A Stone Creek Novel) and I'm really enjoying this one!  But I think I think that of all her books while I'm reading them. (Goodreads summaries and reviews of Linda Lael Miller's books - Goodreads).

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  1. Your sweater is just flying along! And, cute shawl!

  2. I added the shawl pattern to my library. I might even have a lovely color yarn to use for it. :)

    1. Good going girl! It feels real good to have something going to give and I figure there's no time table, unfortunitely there's always suffeing and people in need. But to help lift them up feels like it blesses me too. I'm glad for the opportunity to give. Thanks!

  3. What a lovely sentiment for the shawl recipients. I know yours will turn out beautifully