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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Wednesday's Yarns - Almost Done

I've pushed myself all week to finish my Welcome Blanket in time for the November 4th deadline, but it's not going to happen, getting it in on time, that is.  I'm done with all the squares and now I need to tuck in loose ends.  Tomorrow I will get it sewn up and then I can get it shipped.  It'll be late, but the website says they'll find a home for it even if late and that was the main goal, giving it to an immigrant family.

     I'm still reading Lynn Kurland's All For You.  It's a fun romance, (or non-romance at the beginning) between an American visiting England and a Medieval scholar.  She's invited to a high-class weekend party by a Duke.  Imagining a fairy tale weekend she bumps into the seemingly boring professor, who just annoys her by being.  But her hopes and plans go awry and at Midnight she walks through a time gate into Medieval England, leaving behind a glass-like slipper.  The Medieval scholar (who has secretly been studying medieval swordsmanship) comes to the rescue.  Humourous, endearing tale.

     On Audible I've been listening to an amazing new book by Van Jones - "Beyond The Messy Truth".  I would highly recommend it!  The narrator is amazing, the views fresh and I'm just loving each chapter and new viewpoint.  The book offers a new approach to seeing the Democratic party, explaining how we've gotten into this mess now, how we can fix it and also encourages more across the aisle cooperation.  

"A passionate manifesto that exposes hypocrisy on both sides of the political divide and points a way out of the tribalism that is tearing America apart - by the CNN political contributor and host hailed as "a star of the 2016 campaign" (New York Times) who tries to "fight the right way" (New Yorker)." 

"Now, in Beyond the Messy Truth, Jones offers a blueprint for transforming our collective anxiety into meaningful change. Tough on Donald Trump but showing respect and empathy for his supporters, Jones takes aim at the failures of both parties before and after Trump's victory. He urges both sides to abandon the politics of accusation and focus on real solutions. Calling us to a deeper patriotism, he shows us how to get down to the vital business of solving, together, some of our toughest problems.

     "The entire national conversation today can be reduced to a simple statement - 'I'm right, and you're wrong,'" Jones has said. But the truth is messier; both sides have flaws. Both parties have strayed from their highest principles and let down their core constituencies. Rejecting today's political tribalism, Jones issues a stirring call for a new "bipartisanship from below". Recognizing that tough challenges require the best wisdom from both liberals and conservatives, he points us toward practical answers to problems that affect us all regardless of region or ideology: rural and inner-city poverty, unemployment, addiction, unfair incarceration, and the devastating effects of the pollution-based economy on both coal country and our urban centers." (Amazon Review)

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  1. The Welcome blanket is going to be lovely. What a generous knit!

  2. Your review of Van Jones' book has encouraged me to add ot to my 2018 to read list...the charity quilt is fun and I'm sure it will be well loved.