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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Wednesday's Yarns - Designing My Own Shawl, Or Trying To!

     I'm starting to tackle my own design.  I'm following a design course called "Initiate Knit Design Challenge" by Aroha Knits.  But, as is kind of my personality, I'm taking shortcuts and doing it my way.  I just didn't feel like I could figure it all out on paper first like I was supposed to.  I needed to put my yarn on and start.  I have a very simple design in mind, I just love simple.  But I have no clue exactly how it should go till I do it.  So, I just started.

As soon as I cast on some butterflies came to keep me company.  The sun shone, the cold wind was starting to come in as the sun was setting behind the mountain.  Sigh, a perfect moment.

     The first thing I discovered about the design I chose for this asymmetrical shawl is that it was giving me more of a crescent than straight lines.  

     I mean, did I say that I know what I'm doing?  I don't! But I scanned a lot of patterns that are asymmetrical and then I didn't want to copy, so I shut them down and chose the stitches that seemed like they'd work and arranged it in a way that I thought would flow well, for me.  I do like a rhythmic, relaxed knit.  So, it's crescent.  But I like it.  

Next, I want rows of eyelet holes spaced out, across the knitting.  Wide enough so it shows the flow of the fabric, but not too busy.  So I shall see.

The yarn is a Malabrigo Sock Yarn in Caribeno.  Pssst, any other details will be revealed later. 

    I'm reading another Lynn Kurland book.  One I found at the used bookshop.  It's published back in 1996, Stardust of Yesterday.  I had never found it before.  Previously I have encountered Kendrick, a knight, and Lord several times throughout her books.  I knew a few things about him.  In the most recent books, he is in the present, 40's or 50's, Lord of a manor and married.  He was also a 20 something knight in 1260 when he dies.  How the two facts meet up and make sense I never knew.  His story is revealed in this book and I just happened to read it after I read The More I See You, which mentioned Kendrick's death.  So, I'm finally finding out the mystery.  A sweet poignant love story between a medieval ghost and a young modern lady who inherits his castle and won't be scared away!

Come join us for Unraveled Wednesday.


  1. Lovely autumn photos. I have meshed several shawl patterns together to create a one-of-a-kind out of my leftovers but haven't started from scratch. You look like you are off to a good start. What the heck, it is just knitting. Enjoy

    1. Thanks! I'm curious about your shawl, sounds fun.

  2. How exciting you're creating your own pattern! I can't wait to see the details. :) Love the yarn.