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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Wednesday's Yarns - Finishing a Book & a Shawl


     My Garter Stitch Shawl is finally finished after ripping out days work last week, just before completing because I found an unrepairable hole.  I knew it had been, to my eyes at least, perfect up to that point.  To me, it was worth it ripping out, but it's made my work a bit edgy feeling this week.  I impose deadlines and schedule myself and I wasn't doing what I had planned.  An October Shawl's yarn called to me, a designing course for knitwear started regardless that I wasn't ready.  Sigh, it's done, only needing blocking.  Finally, I can....(you'll see in the weeks to come).

Project details for Garter Stitch Shawl

     I am also trying to finish an amazing book of biographies - Brave Companions by David McCullough

      One of the last chapters is an American photographer I haven't heard of, David Plowden and now I'm glad I have.  The writing evokes the truths that the photographer was trying to capture.  Mainly a swiftly fading vision of America as it was, in the small towns and country and off beaten track.  He captures this in beautiful poetic black and white shots.  Worth seeing.

Erie Lackawanna Railroad, Westbound. David Plowden

Golden Valley, North Dakota, 1971

 Post Office and General Store, Eldridge

Hostler, Canadian National Railways, Hamilton, Ontario, 1959

The Yaquina Bay Bridge, Newport, OR, 1968

Abandoned House, Cropsey Township, McLean County, Illinois, 2008

East of Las Vegas, New Mexico, 1971 

Draper, South Dakota, 2008 

Abandoned Barn, Barns County, ND.

From the article "Heartland"

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  1. Oh, wow! I did not know about Plowden either! Those photos are stunning and I am reminded of those black and white challenges I am seeing on IG. Sometimes the beauty of a black and white photo is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Thanks for sharing those photos. I never heard of Plowden. What a photographer. I love it when a photographer finds beauty in rural scenes of the Great Plains.

  3. What remarkable photos! And your shawl is amazing!