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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Yarns - Socks and Shawls

      I like to bounce around on projects.  Picking up what interests me at the moment and sticking with what inspires me.  Eventually, I get things done, but I found it's the process of knitting I like and getting a finished product done right away isn't my priority.  Maybe I work hard at it not becoming a job.  I enjoy the labor and knitting is my instant happy and peaceful place.  I do try to corral my efforts around one or two projects a day and tell myself, you know I should try to finish this or that.  But in the end, I grab what makes me happy.  Eventually, I'll have it done. But I'm in my happy place meanwhile.

     This week a really cold day had me grabbing this small shawl I made last year - "Just Knit It with Gifted Stash" for my neck.  It actually seemed such a small shawl I thought I might not be able to use it much.  But it was perfect and very soft.  I made it out of stash from a friend so I wondered how I could make another one and find soft enough yarn.

That led me to my stashed projects and a shawl I started with Stroll Tonal Sock Yarn in Pacific.  The yarn knits up so soft and squishy.  I grabbed the shawl and just started knitting on it again to see how it felt and I've barely let go of it.  It's a free pattern called the Garter Stitch Shawl by Megan Goodacre.  A simple shawl knitted up in Stroll by the designer and it's really perfect.  Relaxing work, quick knit and it has a great feel to it.

     Another knit I've unearthed and gotten a lot done on recently is my first socks.  I got through the heel and I have inches to go before I finish the toe.  My First Socks Adventure are following Susan B. Anderson's How I Make My Socks.  Knitted in Red Heart "Heart & Sole" in color "Lakehouse".  It's knitting up beautifully and soft.  I really do want to push getting them done for cold weather.

       My main read is the second book in Ken Follett's Century Trilogy called Winter of the World.  But often I find I get sidetracked by reading David McCullough's Brave Companions: Portraits In History.  I've gotten to know some interesting historical characters and lately spent some time with Theodore Roosevelt in his early years as a cowboy and Frederic Sackrider Remington (October 4, 1861 - December 26, 1909), an artist who captured the spirit of the West that would become the essence of what Americans would in visualize as "The West".  He also illustrated many of Roosevelt's works of writing.

The Cowboy

The Fall of The Cowboy

Self Portrait On A Horse

A Vaquero

Mounted Cowboy In Chaps In Race

A Dash For Timber

Modern Camanche

The Bronco Buster

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  1. I'm like you: I like to jump around among projects. However, I think I've taken it way too far, so I'm trying to finish up some WIPs and focus on a few projects at a time