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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Yarns - Blues Antarktis and Eclipse Shadows

     I'm working on Janina Kallio's Antarktis.  I just love her "ONE SKEIN WONDERS", just having finished Ardent.  My last week's post - Yarns -The Ardent Shawl Finished!

      This shawl is made from Hawthorne Fingering Multi Yarn in Goose Hallow.  I'm loving the color, but it's a tougher, courser feeling yarn than what I used for my Ardent.  I'm hoping when it's done I can wash it and soak it for a bit in a mild detergent.  I learned this from a comment from a customer on the KnitPick site who says this will soften the yarn.  I think in the future I'd rather knit with the Malabrigo Mechita Yarn that I used for the Ardent Shawl, but that's single ply, so it's soft, but it might not last as well as the plied Hawthorne, which is gorgeous!

 Finished Antarktis by Veveroben's

     I've gone onto the second book in The Century Trilogy by Kenneth Follett Winter of the World.  I'm continuing off with the same characters that I got to know in the first book, but it's about a decade later, leaping from the early 20's after WWI to 1933 in Germany, to start.  The kids are now grown up for the most part (later teens) and Nazi Germany is just getting rooted in Germany.  What I'm finding a bit shocking and in the face is the similarities to now.  I mean these are historical facts I am aware of, yet put in the context of now familiar characters, and starting to live several similar events, it's just so much more real.  One aspect of Nazi rule is the attack on the Press.  The rhetoric out of the Nazi leaders convincing the public that the news is inaccurate (hear the roar of someone shouting fake news lately?).  I am aware that is the first area a government and country will be attacked when there is a takeover, their source of news.  Brainwash the public and winning over the people is already done.  The battle of the mind starts first.  A good book to thwart this now is to read On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century Kindle Edition by Timothy Snyder.  Timothy Snyder speaks about his book - On Tyranny: Yale Historian Timothy Snyder on How the U.S. Can Avoid Sliding into Authoritarianism.  The actual 20 Lessons - 20 Lessons from the 20th Century About How to Defend Democracy from Authoritarianism, According to Yale Historian Timothy Snyder.  Read these, they are profound!

Eclipse Shadows


Celebrate the Moments


  1. Such beautiful shadow photos. The light from the eclipse was so interesting. I love the blues in the Antarktis Shawl. I enjoyed knitting that pattern - last summer if I remember correctly. Your writing about the press reminds me of the words under the mast of The Washington Post, "Democracy dies in darkness." Keep the lights on and keep knitting.

    1. Thanks! I read that quote almost daily on the Post, at least lately. Some words are profound in their simplicity. I'll keep the lights on.

  2. Love the eclipse photos! That was an amazing moment.
    You're making me want to knit a third Antarktis. Or, I suppose, I could try one of her other one-skein patterns!

  3. your antarktis is amazing. I love the veverobin !!! Great photographs of lovely shawl.s They look warm and beautiful