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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Hats, A Coffee Shop Wrap and Anna Pigeon

      The Hats for Migrants KAL is going well.  We have a strong group - RAVELRY RESISTANCE KNITTERS churning out hats.  They are being sent to the head of Suenos Sin Fronteras, an organization that works to help Asylum Seekers in Asylum Cities in the soon to be cold Northeast.  Come join us.  The KAL runs till October 20th, but the need for hats by asylum seekers won't disappear and I'll keep the contact information available also after the KAL for anyone who needs it.  Plus a few more areas' addresses receiving cold-weather gear for migrants.

© Nicole Sabo

Resistance Knitter's Hat:
 © Nicole Sabo

        I've been making my pattern The Simple Hat lately in Lions brand Heartland; a very soft acrylic.  What I love about it, besides that it's easy to work with and it's soft, is all colors are named after National Parks and the colors are so beautiful!.  I just got Olympic (deep blue) and Sequoia, a rich brown.  I already had a russet called Yosemite.  So I'm making hats and then with the rest of the skein working on a large wrap that caught my eye.  The Coffee Shop Wrap is supposed to be done up in a Lions Cotton (also beautiful colors) but I liked the Tea House Wrap also and that was done in the Heartland.  

 © Two of Wands
     © Two of Wands

Grizzly Bear Glacier National Park (Time)

2018 Grizzly Bear Glacier National Park Montana House

     I'm back with a great Nevada Barr book in the Anna Pigeon series.  In "Blood Lure" she is in Glacier National Park in Montana helping research Grizzly bears.  But soon she survives a very vivid encounter with a Grizzly Bear and one of their research team is missing.  A dead body is found and the mystery starts.  This one is intriguing, heart pounding at times and very interesting.  My faith in Nevada Barr's mystery series has returned. 

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  1. I haven't read an Anna Pigeon mystery in a very long time!

    I love your hats and shawl!

  2. Thanks for the simple hat. I'm knitting hats & scarves for the street people and this is perfect! Love the shawl too. Have to search out Anna Pigeon!

    1. I'm so glad you're using the pattern for the homeless! Truly a group I care about.

  3. The hats look so warm and cozy. I agree the colors are great. I am off to look at the Coffee Shop Wrap.