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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Hats for Migrants KAL and "Boar Island"

     Our Hats for Migrants KAL is in full swing in our group Ravelry Resistance Knitters.  Lots of hats are being produced and sent to the head of Suenos Sin Fronteras, who will distribute them to Asylum Seekers in Northeast Asylum Cities.  It's getting chilly up North and these hats will be very appreciated.  Our KAL goes to Oct. 20th, but you can knit a hat for a migrant at any time and connect with us in our group to get a private address to ship your knit creations to.  All winter accessories are welcome.  Any fiber art and any fiber.

     I know, I know you're not supposed to read the Anna Pigeon series out of order.  But, I got "Boar Island" last month for $1.99 and I didn't have an opportunity to get out to a second-hand book shop that I know has at least two of her oldies (maybe tomorrow).  So I skipped ahead.  I had so much wanted to read this last year when my son graduated from College of The Atlantic, an Ecology College right next to Acadia National Park.  I couldn't find it then and with all the graduating Senior's activities, and a trip out in a schooner (a treat from my Dad) I never would have found time to read!  By the way, we are moving just south of Acadia next Spring to where my son and his lovely Mainer girlfriend lives in Belfast, ME!!!  I miss the ocean and my son and my oldest daughter (who's in Upstate New York with her fiance in their new Old house - 1830).  It's hard to leave the mountains of Colorado but I get an ocean and my two kids back!

     I'm over halfway through and I find I like half of the book, the parts about Anna Pigeon and her friends Heath and her teen daughter Elizabeth.  The other chapters are about evil twins that give you a bad case of the willies (I actually skim read some of these parts, I get it, they're BAD!).  So while I like the story unfolding around Anna Pigeon it's not exactly rosie either.  Elizabeth is a Senior in Colorado (just like I have a Senior in High School now in Colorado) and the fictional girl is being cyber stalked.  So not a pleasant subject but as a mother, I think it's a good subject to air out and discuss.  So is it worth reading?  Hum, I don't know.  I'll finish it but I'm more interested in getting back to her older books and I like the ones that get more into the details of the park itself.  This one has fewer descriptions of nature as I like.

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  1. Your photos are always so wonderful! And, skimming over bad parts is totally allowable!

  2. Hooray for moving closer to your children. That will be so nice for you. I need to give Nevada Barr a try. My daughter read some of those books and mentioned them awhile back. The hats are lovely.