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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Yarns - Tying up Loose Threads

     I finished two projects I had hanging around, my Fingerless Mitts and my Beach Hairband.  I'm just sewing in the loose hanging yarns while I read and drink tea.  It feels good to get some things done.  And my hands will appreciate the mitts.  It went from the 80's here a few weeks ago and now it's in the 30's - 40's in the day.  No in between seasons in Colorado.  Just sharp temperature changes.  A little snow in the past few days, but the leaves are just turning a bit.  But for my walks I need my fingerless mitts, just right for a Fall walk.

Pattern and project notes - Beach Hairband

     The Beach Hairband still needs blocking then hopefully Friday I'll send it to my daughter who is better than I am in knitting.  I think the lacework will still impress her.

     I just finished reading a free book on Kindle by Kristen Noel Fisher that I really liked - "Anna's Courage" Rose Island Book 1.  It was a thoughtful romance dealing with deep issues of overcoming death and fear and moving on and having faith in God in spite of tragedy.  Goodreads Review - Anna's Courage

(Please skip this part if you're not into religion or faith. To me, it's a fascinating debate that opened my eyes, but not meant to offend.)

     I think grasping that bad things can happen as a Christian and what to do with that is hard.  I've been there.  There are some hidden ideological questions in this book "Anna's Courage" that personally, I'm not sure I agree on, but they're a debatable aspect of Christianity that most others probably wouldn't notice.  The author has a "God's in control" sort of theme which seems innocent and in some ways might be totally true (I'm always willing to admit I could be wrong).  But if we were to blindly say God is in total control that makes him out as a puppeteer.  It's also a Calvinistic belief that just kind of gets past down through the generations.  It's comforting in a way.  I'm not sure if it's right or wrong.  Somehow I think it does God and man a disservice because the question of happenstance is a biblical truth too.*  So life can just happen.  Also, I believe God has given us a large amount of free will to decide what to do.  I take a little unknown stance called "Arminianism" a position between "Openness" (God is blind to whatever will happen to Man on purpose and just lets things play out naturally) and "Calvinism" where God is in total control, knows what will happen and orchestrates everything.  I found Arminianism just in the middle.  God knows what will happen but lets us be.  I think He intervenes when we pray, but not always.  Maybe knowing the outcome of our prayers are not always good for us.  It's hard to grasp but I believe God allows sorrow and difficulties in our lives for a reason.  So prayer is important in my view, but we also are free to make our own choices.  But I'm sure God has intervened in places where there's no prayer.  And God's free not to answer our prayers, we don't manipulate him with them, but of course, that leaves us with why didn't He answer our prayers?  We can't always make sense of things and I've found that having the faith that He knows, even if I don't is enough for me.  Also, tragedy is not God's fault.  Did He allow it and why?  Also very good questions in times of hurt.  I don't know.  I also believe in the reality of evil, but I'm not one to want to talk about that.  But it has a play in circumstances at times.  But I'm also good with not knowing or figuring it all out.  OK, I'm betting this is more than what you wanted to know, but it does affect how you view tragedy.  If you blame God for doing everything because he's supposedly in perfect control, you're going to be jaded and angry at God.  But if you factor in the randomness of life, and man's free will, then things look different.  I do believe in God's ability to answer prayer, I know His hands are on my life.  But Life is Life, death, sickness, it comes.  I think how we react to it and God is the important part.  Acceptance for me that life isn't perfect, but I can perfectly deal with life prayerfully, with a good attitude and that makes all the difference.

I returned and saw under the sun that— The race is not to the swift, Nor the battle to the strong, Nor bread to the wise, Nor riches to men of understanding, Nor favor to men of skill; But time and chance happen to them all.

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  1. I finished 2 Beach Hair head bands! The one I did not get gauge on was perfect on my grand daughter! LOL The other is in rotation on "bad hair days" and I like it very much!

    Interesting thoughts on faith. I grew up in the land of Calvinists... a difficult task for a Lutheran. My belief is this... God longs for a relationship with us - He wants to be part of our every day life. I believe that God answers all prayers - just not always the way we want him to answer. Bad things happen, not because of God, but because sin exists in the world. However, we have this rich blessing... the gift of Grace. That is probably more than you wanted to hear, lol. Sorry if I got a bit wordy! (or preachy!!) I love your blog and really LOVE your photos!

    1. I love your reply. Much more eloquent then me. And I love the Grace of God and am very thankful for it. And don't apologize, I love hearing about God. My problem is my favorite topics are God and politics, both socially not acceptable in many circles. So I speak anyway and cause waves. Perhaps good waves, I hope.
      :) Thanks

  2. I too, believe in the power of prayer. I believe He hears us as we search for meaning, answers and joy. I believe He wants us to be happy. I wish there were more Bible stories of Jesus having a great time with his friends.

  3. Your mitts look warm and toasty. I am sure your daughter will enjoy the headband. Faith is a hard subject to write about but so interesting to think about. I believe God is love and gives us the gift of love and grace.

  4. And I forgot to mention how much I like the Colorado photo.