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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Yarns - Knitting in Plaid

     Shopping at Target I found a beautiful poncho, a perfect in-between coat for Fall.  Then going onto Michaels I had this on and of course, there's this beautiful skein of yarn that perfectly matches my poncho.  Yarn - Loops & Threads® Impeccable™ Yarn, Ombre

     At first, I thought of fingerless gloves, but I realized the yarn wasn't right for that and I thought a matching thin scarf would be perfect for around my neck to keep that Fall wind out.  I hadn't thought of it at the time, but it was a variegated yarn that if knit or crochet just right it will come out in plaid.  I found a knit scarf that did that: Holding Hands, Feeding Ducks Scarf, but this was more complicated than I wanted.  Not that the pattern is that hard, I just wanted mindless knitting for downtime.  I wanted to do something simple.  This crochet scarf also goes up well- Christmas Gifts.  It was made based on this crochet technique described here - Crochet Planned Pooling but I find knitting more peaceful.  So I decided to try and unlock whatever mix of stitch count would give me plaid. (A technique described in detail in my blog post - Pooling Plaid Scarf and a video tutorial - Knit Argyle Color Pooling, but to do a thin scarf I do half the colors and half the cast on.) 

© SierraK

RHWL Renaissance & LTI Stillness © LizSvoboda

     I followed my last pattern where I was successful - Pooling Plaid Scarf.  Well, this time I was stumped.  It's probably possible, but it alluded me.  After 2 days and MANY rip outs, I gave up and settled for at least a pleasing design emerging.  In a way, this pattern (or lack of) might work better in complimenting the square pattern of my poncho.  Bottom line, it's pretty and I like the squishy feel of a K2, P2 design.  I basically followed my instructions for casting on in  Pooling Plaid Scarf and then pulled off till 34 stitches.  It's not perfect because you start with a knit on one side and a purl on the other and I prefer a knit start both sides.  To get the perfect knit start on both sides you need to cast on a multiple of 4 stitches which gives that K2, P2 evenly across.  But doing that this time didn't produce a pattern.  I was stuck between the colors marching straight up, or being a dappled Monet.  Giving up I decided I could live with doing a purl first on one side, as long as I looked at the previous stitches to remember where I was.

 My Pooling Plaid Scarf

     I'm currently reading the third book in the Rose Island series by Kristen Noel Fischer Bianca's Joy.  I'm really enjoying this one.  The second book "Jillian's Promise" was good, but lagged halfway through - Goodreads' Review.  

      Bianca's Joy has a theme I can relate to.  She's struggling with her weight and how to have a good attitude and not feel unlovable.  It's a thoughtful piece and I love that the guy who loves her, sees only her and he thinks she's beautiful.  Makes you realize that our self-image as American women might be very formed by the media and a "skinny jeans" culture and guys might not see as we do.  I was floored when my husband decades ago told me he liked a woman with meat on her bones and that I was too skinny when he met me (we have our 40th anniversary since our first date Oct. 28th).  It's an endearing story. Goodreads' Review of "Bianca's Joy"

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  1. That yarn looks like a great match - what a lucky find. Have fun with it.

  2. Beautiful knitting and perfect sentiments! And, I agree with you... we as women are obsessed with how we look. Wanting to match airbrushed impossible to reproduce images... thank you for saying that so perfectly!

  3. The yarn rip outs are just part of the process. It will tell you what it wants to be! shhhhhh....listen for it