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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Wednesday's Yarns - West Bluff Shawl

 Corvallis, Astoria, Abernathy

     I seemed to have gotten lots of reading done this week and very little knitting.  Just not feeling well.  But I'm picking up my West Bluff Shawl today determined to get going.  It's a lovely Knitpick's design by Sierra Morningstar and incorporates 3 skeins.  I bought the recommended Corvallis (deep purple), Astoria ( a lovely grey) and the third Willamette (blues blended with purple, grey and lighter blue) wasn't available at the time so I got Abernathy instead ( a blend of blues and purple with teal popping in it).  Then last month before a monthly sale on Hawthorne ended I got the missing color Willamette.  Now, both look good to me, so I took some pictures in comparison and I'm pretty sure I will stick with my original plan of using Abernathy.  It has a bit more pop in my mind with the teal and I am just as likely to find a great project for the other skein.

 Corvallis, Astoria, and Willamette

© Knit Picks

     I made myself read all of the Debbie Macomber book The Inn at Rose Harbor even though I found it more depressing than uplifting as it's labeled (maybe the last 75 pages gets uplifting).  Never again am I making myself finish a book I don't like.  I went back to my Longmire series, number 4 - Another Man's Moccasins by Craig Johnson and immediately found myself entertained and at home.  But I got to thinking, that too was a dark theme of murder and flashbacks to the Vietnam War.  So why did I find that a great read and not depressing like the Macomber book?  Is it because I like history?  Or was it the writing style?  The Longmire book is in the first person and interesting and observant and I love his descriptions and self-deprecating humor.  The first book of Macomber was just sad stories.  So my third book How to Walk Away by Katherine Center   is the Book of the Month May selection and it arrived yesterday.  I intended to just crack it open, read a page.  Hours later I didn't want to put it down.  But here again is a depressing subject, where the main character you know is going to overcome and walk away from her previously perfect life (about all I knew from reviews), but she's facing horrific circumstances.  But it's about the tone of voice in the first person narrative that makes it far from depressing and immediately engaging. I don't know how to describe the plot without ruining it, so here's the Goodreads review - How to Walk Away and I just got to say it's an amazing book and way beyond the plot.  It's the use of words that hook you.

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  1. Very pretty yarn choices--both will be gorgeous!

    1. Too true! And I could probably make both shawls with the amount of yarn I have, but I like going on to new adventures.

  2. never finish a book you aren't into. Too little time and too many other books to try.

    Shawl will look gorgeous, I'm sure :-)

  3. It's so freeing to walk away from a book! (But I get the guilt part!) I think that shawl will be gorgeous!

  4. I gave up finishing books I don't like years ago. It's very freeing. It also encourages me to use the library instead of buying so many books!

    I love your choice of colors for the shawl.

  5. Beautiful yarn! And, I am with you in that Craig Johnson is a wonderful writer, he hits with hard truths, beautifully evocative scenery, and real characters. I love his writing style. Life is too short to read bad books!

  6. These colors are going to look wonderful together. Enjoy your knitting.