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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Wednesday's Yarns - Color Shifting Shawl


     I don't own a ball winder, usually finding the task peaceful (Hand Wind A Ball Of Yarn); but I ordered the Color Shifting Hawthorne Value Pack with 5 skeins of fingering Hawthorne yarn, plus I ordered 1 of Hawthorne Tonal Hand Paint in the color Sweet Home so I had lots of balls to wind.  But I set up my tablet on two pillows, wrapped the skein around the pillow and I happily wrapped and read.  Not only is it a peaceful process and I get to read, but also I get to delight in the colors unfolding.  A skein can be pretty, but the colors are in blocks and I like seeing how it wraps into a ball, the colors mixing together, getting a totally different effect.  It's like celebrating your yarn before you knit with it.

     Now that I'm knitting my Color Shifting Shawl I'm also enjoying how the colors unfold and work together.  It's a great pattern, easy, with lots of contrast, texture, and variety.  I'm knitting now with Arleta which reminds me of raspberry swirl ice cream.  Especially in the striped section.  An intense raspberry color.  Next, I get to add Eugene, a very dark plum.  Every third section of stripes a new color is added and at the end of this section, the older one is cut off.  In this way, the colors are flowingly introduced.  Plum and raspberry divine.  After Eugene, I'm entering Sweet Home in, instead of the MC Burlingame.  I'll add Burlingame for another repeat at the end.

     My The Bulky Blue sweater has an arm and soon another one.

     My listening to a great audio always helps me knit along.  "The Woman Left Behind" by Linda Howard is a great book to listen to.  A young geek working in a department of a paramilitary organization to fight terrorists Stateside is picked with 10 others to join a secret paramilitary group.  They had unwittingly played a game set-up in the break room, not realizing it was a test, one she always bested the rest of the guys in.  The plan is to insert one tech for a drone in each "Go" team that goes into hotspots internationally.  They will help aid surveillance and protect the team.  First, they need to train to be up to speed with the group, especially if something happens.  So Jina, whose not into sweaty pursuits, must push to pass the grueling training.  I find this an interesting part, her work to overcome and push, regardless.  Meanwhile, there's an attraction mounting between the leader and herself, one which they both are fighting.  I know eventually, she'll be left alone (hence the title) and she has to pull all of what she's learned to survive. Awesome!

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  1. I also wind my yarn by hand. As I wind, I get to know and learn about the yarn. The colors in that shawl are so pretty. What a spring inspiration.

  2. I love the hand winding process and much prefer it to using a ball winder. AND, the added benefit of it being a kinder way to wind yarn is also a very good thing! I love the colors of your yarns and I can't wait to see you color shift shawl grow!

  3. I always rewind my yarn. By hand. I have a lovely winder from my husband, but I prefer the top of two chair posts.

  4. I love your projects. We like the same colors. That shawl is SO tempting!
    I have a ball winder, and I do love it.