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Friday, May 26, 2017

What's Next for Protest Hats in June?

As a new month approaches I want to quickly review the Marches and protests to come and also some hot (or hopefully not so hot) ideas to make an activism statement this summer.

     June is Pride Month.  Events are scheduled at different dates, the Pride March in D.C.  June 10th and here's one site with a rundown of other dates in different cities: Gay Pride Calendar.

A cooler option:

I think the above design can be used for a lot of different marches and themes, just adapting the color to the cause.

Rainbow PussyHat made by Rebecca Larson

     A lesser known cause  Mom's Demand Action for Gun Sense in America asks people to wear ORANGE on June 2nd to take a stand against gun violence.  

     If there is time, whip up something simple for that day, a headband, armband or even orange PussyHat, or wear an orange bandana purchased.  But wear orange and look up their site to see if there is an action near you.  But even talking up against gun violence in your everyday life as people ask you why are you wearing your orange whatever is powerful.  

Another March on the immediate horizon is the March for Truth, June 3rd.  The organizers are encouraging Red, White and Blue and calling for: 


Hat by Kathleen Kargoll  

Forever the PussyHat will be eternal and anytime you can make it and wear it you are making an immediate statement for women.  A cooler option and totally subtle for the work place is the PussyHat pin.

     Cooler designs that can be adapted to any march -

A heads up for next July,

 an important march:

Impeachment March

July, 2, 2017

     Some really good patterns out there right now.  Some people are knitting in Red, White and Blue to reclaim the flag for the Liberals.  Others are using PEACH for, well the obvious reason, with great results.

       And I favor black because of the gravity of the situation and the death Trump is bringing to our country.  Potential death coming from his efforts to block Immigrants that are Muslims, rounding up Immigrants for deportation, or trying to push through new medical plans that will cut off 23 Million people from insurance benefits and raise medical costs beyond our means whether you are elderly, or have a pre-existing condition.

       He also is pushing for stopping funds for other countries in need, famine relief.  Literally serving nothing but coldness and uncaring to others instead of rice and other food and water.  Yesterday I listened to an excellent opinion in the New York Times by Colin Powell: "Colin Powell: American Leadership — We Can’t Do It for Free".  

     He also is bringing about death to our way of life, the American way of enveloping the hurting and people that are marginalized.  Standing for those who are in need and making a difference.  

     But instead he is pushing a selfish money focused "Me first", America First agenda. We are alienating our allies.  This country is being changed from life to death and to selfishness and hatred, before our eyes.  People will die because of this man if he isn't Impeached.  The America we love will die as we know it.

     Doing nothing is agreement with what is happening or grave blindness.  Make change, make an effort, do your share to protect what we have that is good.  Don't take it for granted, or else it will be lost, right before our eyes.

    Prior to over 50 years ago a common symbol of mourning was wearing the black armband over your left arm while you were in mourning.  It's now a symbol seen in movies recreating the past and is still carried on in some sports circles and for some in the military and police.  The black armband was also used in protests in the 60's to protest the Vietnam War.  Please consider wearing the black armband the day of the Impeachment March.

Please, do your part, together collectively we can and are making a difference.  

This time we will go down in the History books as making THE difference.

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