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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Wednesday's Yarns - Escape Reading and Knitting

I've been knitting on my Yellowstone Cardigan by WeAreKnitters.  It's a lovely soft cotton and a joy to work with.

     Last week I found I loved having a book (instead of just reading on my tablet).  So on a whim I got another one on the way home from PT.  A grueling 7 AM affair that needs some mental pick-me-up afterwards.  I haven't read any light romances in awhile and I decided with the way the politics are going these days I needed a good escape read.  Catherine Anderson is an old favorite and her new one Mulberry Moon is charming so far.  Just what I needed.  A take away to a better place.

     For when I need something with more sizzle I got a new Audible to listen to while I knit.  It's the 8th book in a series I've loved.  Feverborn: Fever Series, Book 8 Audible – by Karen Marie Moning.  The only downside was when I started listening I wished I was reading it. The words and descriptions deserve to be read.  I love savoring words and the ambiance they convey.  So I've promised myself the paperbacks of the series when I can.  On the plus side I probably will enjoy listening to the different voices act out the parts.  And I get more knitting done.

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