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Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Alpaca Hoodie

     I've been working on a Hoodie for my son from Baby Alpaca.  The pattern is a funky one called the Bottle Rocket and the design has a pouch and bottle pocket but I'm not doing those.  The yarn is %100 Baby Alpaca and I was told by my yarn shop owner that it could grow in length since it isn't wool.  So I started out M and when I found that out I modified it to a size small. My son is tall 6ft man but thin and likes tight sweaters.  So to compensate I'm knitting a bit tight.  I think I'm running around 42 - 43" so hopefully it'll be alright.

     The original purpose of going 100% Alpaca was to learn about the fiber.  I love it.  It's very soft, incredibly so.  But I guess it doesn't hold a structure as well as wool.  So learning is a good thing and I'm sure my son will get an amazingly soft and warm hoodie.  
Alpaca fibers are hollow and warmer than wool and also waterproof.  Perhaps the ideal is a wool alpaca blend that is soft enough and I've heard the length of the alpaca fibers can determine softness, so I'll be looking (and feeling) my way forward for soft yarn but that also holds it's shape.

     This Alpaca is Herriot Great by Juniper Moon and I would highly recommend it.  I'm also finishing up a sweater that I made for myself that is so soft, but bigger than I intended.  I should of knitted a bit tighter but my skin is sensitive so the trade off for perhaps less stability is fine with me.  I think I'm learning how to adjust my knitting.  I've heard that this bulky yarn is really good for scarves and more free form items.  I did make some lovely mittens with it.

     While knitting I've used a large hairclip to clip my book to read and knit at the same time.  My habit of wanting to read and knit is probably why I pick simple knits.  But I also like the rhythm of knitting.  This in itself is important to me.  My latest read is The Beauty in Breaking by a black woman ER Doctor named Michele Harper.  Actually she is the head doctor and sounds like a very smart one.  Her perspectives I think are life altering.  She came from a well off family but with hidden abuse.  She just went through a divorce as the book starts and her perspective on rising above and forgiveness is valuable to tuck away in your heart.  I also think embracing a black woman's struggle and seeing what she sees can stretch us and educate us in positive ways.  This book I intended to read a little at a time because the material was so heavy but once started the book is hard to put down. 

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  1. It looks as if you are very much enjoying the alpaca. The book sounds very interesting.

  2. Oh the sweater is coming along great. Thanks for the tips about the wooL!!!

  3. Ooo! That book does sound very interesting! And that sweater looks so cozy!