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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Line Break Shawl

      I once worked in a kitchen store and a customer walked in with a beautiful Burgundy scarf around her neck.  I got the name of the design and eventually found it.  Years later I got Malabrigo Mechita Whales Road.  Here many years down the road I got my yarn out of stash and started my Line Break Shawl.  I can't help marvel how as crafters we must inspire others just by doing and wearing our art.  You never know if maybe you inspire someone somewhere to create something because of a memory of what you wore or did.  A simple lesson on passing on the positive in our lives in words and actions.

© Veera Välimäki

     I'm having fun reading a Linda Greenlaw mystery "Shiver Hitch" set in Maine and in the Knox County where I live.  Her protagonist Jane Bunker is an assistant sheriff and an insurance investigator too. (Funny coincidence is my elderly client is an ex policeman for Camden, my town. I can pick his brain for real life scenarios).  Jane lives on the Island across the way in the mythical town of Green Haven.  For real life the author was the lady swordfish boat captain in The book and movie "Perfect Storm".  I hear she runs a lobster boat now and lives somewhere close.

     I found the book last year before moving to Maine in a second hand store.  I saved it for a snowy February day since the book opens to a very snowy Maine day in February.  So far a fire on Acadia Island (really Mt. Desert Island) and a body is found.  Having fun reading a book taking place here where I am and I went ahead and ordered the first book in the series through Amazon second hand. For about $5 I get a hard back in good condition, free delivery and it'll probably be here this weekend.  With a hardback book I can clip the book and knit happily while reading.



  2. Oh Wow! How did I not know about this gorgeous shawl? Thank you for sharing!!