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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Camel Beauty Cowl

     To celebrate the New Year I bought Malabrigo yarn on New Year's Day.  A beautiful and soft worsted yarn in caramel and beige called Rios by Malabrigo in Camel.  I'm knitting it up in a very rhythmic and simple cowl called Beauty Cowl by Brome Fields.  

© Brome Fields

     Almost done, but I keep on wanting to finish the ball of yarn, I totally hate wasting it so I'm trying to knit to the end but it's getting long.  I figured it can't hurt and it'll probably make me warmer.  I do need to block it.  I knit tight and I should have checked gauge but of course, I was too impatient to cast on, so it's not as wide as it should be.  A wash and block should stretch it out a bit.  After I try it on, you never know if my mistake is actually a better fit.


     For a New Year read I've been reading a great fun new book "This Time New Year" by Sophie Cousens (A Book of the Month choice last year).  This is a real warm and lovely book.  I'm really enjoying it.  Most of the book is about two people born on the same day who keep on meeting by happenstance and usually sparring a bit. There's great banter but also a subtle dealing with class differences.  One wealthy, the other from a poorer working class, and yet both have issues to work through.  The author is British and I point that out because as I read this Rom-Com I sometimes am thrown by a word that is totally different in our Americanism, such as "Homely". In this book, a room was described positively as Homely.  I'm like what?  Well after looking it up I learned the Brits consider that a word for homey, while we Americans see it as ugly.  Very well done, I'll be disappointed to see it end. Goodreads Review 

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  1. I absolutely love Malabrigo yarns! And I'm going to check out that book--it sounds like one I would love.

  2. Oh my! That yarn just is gorgeous - it looks so soft and cozy! I think longer is a smart idea, I have been grabbing a cowl almost every day when I get dressed, my neck is always cold! I am knitting Heart Warmer, which is a nice tall cowl. I am eager to have it snuggled around my neck!

  3. You've made a simplistically beautiful cowl. I love it.
    I'm not reading anything right now. I cast off my ruffle socks and am I ready for a sweater or a shawl?

  4. I enjoy Malabrigo and that color is so lovely. Sometimes the simple classic patterns are so elegant. Beautiful knitting.