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Friday, February 15, 2019

Weekend New and Hot Patterns Reveal


     Don't you love to browse Ravelry for the new patterns or what's Hot Right Now?  Often new patterns are on sale or free.  I fill my saved patterns by "Favoriting" them where I have every conceivable category, including "Spring Shawls" or "Jonathan Socks" (my son).  Often when I need a pattern I head for my favorite patterns for a quick find among collected patterns.  I like to dream and seeing all the different patterns sparks creativity, even if I am not humanly capable of getting all those patterns done.  So come dream with me.  These are some new patterns (a few free) and some very hot this week.

     Top this week in Ravelry's "Hot Right Now" is Something Pink, a beautiful cowl done in worsted.  "The pattern brings together panels of feather and fan lace and simple ribbing. Great for a beginner or anyone looking for a relaxing, quick and easy knit."

     For other cowls done in fingering and smaller and even more delicate try, the NEW February patterns Spun Sugar, Cream Puff, and Praline from the Confection e-book (Free till the end of February 15th).

     A beautiful shawl designed in memory of a trip to Canada and it's green landscape from Joji Locatelli is free for knitters- Odyssey Shawl.

"Odyssey is a way for me to give back to the knitting community. You can download it for free, forever, but it is not a free pattern… The making of this pattern was paid by all of you, knitters, as a community. By supporting me and my family, you are allowing me to do a job I love and I am giving that love back. And by supporting I don’t only mean ‘buying my patterns’. Support also comes from all the love you send me with your messages. I couldn’t do it without you. Therefore, because you are a member of this community, this is a pattern from me to all of you."

     And for those scraps of beautiful fingering yarn a Garter Scrappy Blanket, new this February and forever Free!

Have a Knitting Happy Weekend!


  1. I have also been eyeing the "what's hot" list on Ravelry... so many knits! You have highlighted some great ones! Thanks!

  2. I love to browse on Ravelry and dream of all I can make.

  3. I do love the browse the "hot" patterns on Ravelry, and I am always amazed at how many great patterns I find. If only I could knit faster!

  4. I am going to send your blog to a pal who loves to make blankets..