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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Yarns - Thanksgiving Cooking and Knitting and Reading Breaks


     How to cook for Thanksgiving. Chop, prepare, Bake, mix and knit for a while and read, resume and redo all over again.  So many times in my life my knitting and reading are my refuge.  And a definite stopping point.

 Details on today's knitting - Yarns - A Shawl Amidst Gift Knitting

Autumn Ridge Shawlette in Malabrigo Mechita in Cielo Y Tierra
Sockhead Slouch Hat in Patons Croy Sock yarn in Celestial

      So I'm taking a break sometime today to snap a picture and then press on.  Which I might literally be doing.  Pressing my dough today.  My husband after several weeks of anti-biotics last winter became gluten intolerant. So this Thanksgiving I need to make a gluten-free pie crust with almond and rice flour.  The sad part is my Pate Brisee was so perfect, before with A.P. four (I added 1 Tbl. cider vinegar).  I have a feeling the gluten free will not roll out.  But I'm pressing on.  Husband loves my apple pie.

     I cleaned out all my Kindle downloaded books and samples one night (clearing half of them out) and came across this cute book, a romance with a knitting theme - "How to Knit a Heart Back Home: A Cypress Hollow Yarn Book 2".  It's the second in a series, but I already had it so it was a good choice late at night.  It's a fun tale about Lucy who runs the bookshop and seems unassuming but also is an on-call paramedic.  She and a whole slew of characters knit in this town that is famous for Eliza Carpenter, a made up legendary knitter like Elizabeth Zimmerman.  The beginning of every chapter has a quirky pithy quote from Eliza.  The story starts with a bang (you'll see) and the bad boy from High School is on the scene and, of course, love ensues.  Cute and funny and fun to read a story with knitting stories knit in.

     The first book looks good too - "How to Knit a Love Song: A Cypress Hollow Yarn Book 1".  Both books are inexpensive, $2.99 on Kindle.

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  1. I think much of the same cycle is on repeat here in my world! That shawl is looking beautiful! Happy Thanksgiving to your and your family!

  2. The shawl is coming right along. It is so pretty. Good luck with your pies and Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. I hope to get some time to play with yarn today, yesterday was way too busy. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  4. I just queued that shawl, and not long ago I made one of those hats. Great minds think alike!

  5. That hat is going to be warm and wonderful