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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Wednesday's Yarns - Escape Reading and Knitting

I've been knitting on my Yellowstone Cardigan by WeAreKnitters.  It's a lovely soft cotton and a joy to work with.

     Last week I found I loved having a book (instead of just reading on my tablet).  So on a whim I got another one on the way home from PT.  A grueling 7 AM affair that needs some mental pick-me-up afterwards.  I haven't read any light romances in awhile and I decided with the way the politics are going these days I needed a good escape read.  Catherine Anderson is an old favorite and her new one Mulberry Moon is charming so far.  Just what I needed.  A take away to a better place.

     For when I need something with more sizzle I got a new Audible to listen to while I knit.  It's the 8th book in a series I've loved.  Feverborn: Fever Series, Book 8 Audible – by Karen Marie Moning.  The only downside was when I started listening I wished I was reading it. The words and descriptions deserve to be read.  I love savoring words and the ambiance they convey.  So I've promised myself the paperbacks of the series when I can.  On the plus side I probably will enjoy listening to the different voices act out the parts.  And I get more knitting done.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Wednesday's Yarns - I'm back!

   I've been gone a bit, finishing hats for my son's college, for those marching in Boston for the March for Science. 

     Also starting a new Facebook group called - "The Resistance Knitters".  An adventure in itself, interweaving up-to-date news, commentaries, action reports for resistance and knitting for activism. We've become a vital, lively and creative group on Facebook, even mentioned in a PBS article - "Stitch by stitch, a brief history of knitting and activism".  Then there was hip surgery that I needed.  Successful, and taking most of the pain away of the winter.  So I'm back.

     Orange and peach seem to be my connecting theme this week.  My knitting in a lovely peach cotton.  My audio an orange book from my favorite series and the book I'm reading the newest book in Janet Evanovich's Fox and O'hare series also orange, and fun.  I also have a Resistance Action you can take in orange, noted below.

     I started knitting the Yellowstone Cardigan by WeAreKnitters yesterday.  Beautiful, soft cotton yarn in peach.  I really needed a mindless knit after surgery and this is perfect.  Just got the back rib done and I'm into the double moss stitch.  An interesting version of it, a cross between seed stitch and moss.  It is a single stitch of knit, purl across, but two rows deep.  And from my swatch, I need to remember to knit loose to get the right gauge.  This looser gauge also felt softer and more pliable.  A perfect Spring knit, colored like the flowers I remember growing up back East.

     For an audio to listen to while knitting I have Dragonfly in Amber (Audible)  by Diana Gabaldon.  A book I read when it first came out in 1992.  I've re-read the series by then.  It's my all time favorite, but in order to read the last book she published in her series (the 8th book) I have been determined to re-read the series, again.  Years later, I haven't done it and I haven't read the "newest" book.  At this rate her next one will be out before I get to it!  So, I'm going through the books in Audible and it's fantastic!  I love the accents, the sound of her words and descriptions.  Listening adds a totally new layer to the book.  I'll watch the second season of the show when I'm done listening.  More on Diana Gabaldon's books.

     The book I'm reading is The Pursuit: A Fox and O'Hare Novel by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg, book 5 in the series.  It's an awesome series.  Funny lark between an FBI agent and the former jewel thief she secretly works with to capture bigger bad guys.  This book starts in Belgium, moves to a country cottage in France, then the action moves to Sorrento, Italy.  At this point I needed to do some research and look up this ancient town. The author must of visited it to recreate the town in her book in such vivid detail.  The description of tiny narrow streets, the smells emanating and the limoncello constantly served.  This drink I knew from a cooking class I assisted where we made it, a strong, sweet lemon liqueur.  

Sorrento, Italy

     This is the first paper book I actually have bought in I don't know how long.  I'm enjoying the feel of a real book and parking my tablet for awhile.

     And last, but not least I have an orange themed protest that's coming up on June 2nd that we can make orange hats for!  On that day Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America are asking for people to wear orange to wake up America to gun violence.  We can knit orange hats for the day.  Even an orange PussyHat might be perfect for the occasion.  Check the website for events close to home.

 Last week my daughter Maggie received orange carnations (her favorite) for being in the high school musical.  Surprisingly having a sultry Norah Jones like voice on top of natural acting skills.  I'm proud of her and proud of Mom for getting there closely after surgery.  The director, who I've gone through three kids with her in Drama productions (she's awesome), specially sat my wheelchair where I could see my daughter the best.  I've never missed a performance for any of my kids, usually going to several of one play!  (My oldest son, whose in college now, did 18 performances over 5 years, amazing actor.)  But I made it!  You can only go around once and I wasn't going to miss something I'd remember forever.

Friday, April 14, 2017

March for Science - Oh My, What Can I Knit in a Week?

     We have one week to go before the March For Science in Washington, D.C. and Boston and other large cities.  I found a few more quick knits you can do up in a day, or week.  Here's some cool choices if you're marching in hotter areas.  Or perhaps you already made a wool hat and you want a backup headband just in case.  Remember to knit in Green and Blue for a coordinated effort.

GENEie - The Next Generations Headband by ChemKnits







EliseMcGA's Ecology Hat

And the original PussyHat design done in green or blue would be awesome!

A visual suggestion of PussyHats in Green & Blue

It's been a journey together these past few months as we knit our March For Science Hats.  I've really enjoyed pulling these Friday posts together of hats for everyone to knit.  We have some amazing designers out there and Ravelry is a wonderful resource that is greatly appreciated by me.  Hopefully you've found some great knit patterns there through my blog posts.  This is a serious endeavour, but I hope we will also enjoy not only our knitting, but the march to come.  We've just started traveling together and the road of resistance isn't short.  So enjoy your efforts, take breaks from resistance as you need it and come join us at the Facebook group  "The Resistance Knitters", where we encourage each other as we knit and protest.  Activism can be exhausting emotionally and knitting creates a perfect counterpoint to this.  So, here's hoping we are successful!  I believe we will be!!!

Pollard Gaia COA 17'

Friday, April 7, 2017

Friday Protests Hats for The March For Science


     We are at the last stretch of knitting hats for the March For Science.  It's April 22nd in Washington, D.C. and many other cities.  The following weekend is the Peoples Climate March.  Here's some quick knits and lighter knits to do up.  Try to focus on Green and Blue for a unified look.

Blue August's donation to the College of the Atlantic
an ecology college in Maine for students marching in Boston or Washington, D.C.

Simple Slouch Hat Dee Boutilier Sulensk

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