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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Yarns and Knitting in Maine

     We spent the last week in Maine, my husband and I and my teenage daughter Maggie.  We met up with the rest of my family; my oldest daughter, Elisabeth, her boyfriend and my son Jonathan and his girlfriend.  The first time all of us have been together for 3 years.  Living 2,000 miles away in Colorado is tough in that regard.  My son Jonathan graduated from College of The Atlantic (an Ecology College) with Emily his girlfriend this past Saturday.  We had a lovely time and I, of course, knit when I could, even through Senior presentations and graduation.  I'm happy, still knitting  Just Knit It in Stripes!

My son Jonathan is the tall guy sitting up on the right with suspenders and his great grandfather's bowtie, his girlfriend Emily is getting her degree here.

      As for reading, I got 3 pages read of One Magic Moment by Lynn Kurland.  But life was busy.  We met up also with my dad and brother and stayed in a nice house they rented.  We went out on a 4 masted schooner one day (thanks to my Dad);  had a breakfast in the Bar Harbor park with the parents of my son's friends; toured the beautiful college campus with my son (wish I could sit in that old Victorian garden for a few hours and read and knit).

Turrets Seaside Garden

 Twice we listened to various Senior projects.  We also had a real sand beach day at Sand Beach Acadia National Park and toured Mount Desert Island as we hunted for our campground.  The last night my daughter and I got two campsites right on the waterfront of the Somes Sound View Campground and we all camped out.

My husband David

We swam in a heated pool at the campgrounds after discovering that there were very lively and beautiful jellyfish swimming off the dock.  Long red tentacles swaying in the water as they swam, incredible site, but not inviting swimming wise.  We ended the night with smores and someone just up the way set off fireworks!  Must have been for the graduates, don't you think?

Come Join Us at Unraveled Wednesday

My son Jonathan left with red suspenders and bow tie.


  1. Congratulations to your son! I know how unfun it is to be miles and miles away from your kids! It looks like you had a marvelous time catching up!

  2. Congratulations! It is so gratifying to see our children succeed in school and move into the real world.
    With both my kids in Miami, I envy your together time. It is special!

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    2. My son yesterday flew to Alaska for 4 months of salmon fishing with nets off of skiffs! Pays well, he lives in a cabin with an outhouse. He's off the grid, entirely. Last communication was yesterday afternoon from Kodiak Island. Beautiful shots and he says it's warmer than Anchorage where he had flown in from. So I don't know about the "real world"! My son has learned to live creatively from his college. He worked last year in France to have room and board. I think he and his girlfriend plan to do the entire Appalachian Trail, perhaps next year. He led Wilderness Adventures in college and qualified for Wilderness First Aid, 1 and 2 and First Aid Response. Whatever I expect of him, I expect the unexpected! I don't have kids that pursue "normal" career goals. My oldest girl dresses in her handsewns Colonial costumes and is an historical interpreter for two museums and an active reenactor.

  3. Congratulations! It is fun to watch our children grow up. I am really enjoying both of my children as adults - even if they are far away. The photos are lovely. Looks like you had a wonderful time together.

  4. It sounds like a wonderful trip. Congrats to you son, well done!