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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Wednesday's Yarns - Knitting The Bulky Blue

     I started knitting my The Easy Bulky One sweater, a new February 1st pattern that is so fast and easy.  My name for it is The Bulky Blue, an ombre of smokey toned blues.

       I'm using the yarn I dyed in Black Beans ( Feeling the Blues (Dyeing with Black Beans)), a lovely soft yarn from KnitPicks - Bare Swish Bulky Yarn.  The Bulky Swish yarn is out till May, but all their Bare yarn is lovely and half the price of dyed yarn (note Superwash takes to dye the best).

      It's a great knit where you start at the top knitting back and forth in stockinette.  You knit the back first, then add two side pieces for the front.   The neck is formed by increases, then the front is connected.  You knit this down for awhile and connect the fronts with the back and knit the whole body in the round (I'm just there).

     For this knit to hit gauge (which the designer says is really important to swatch for) I moved from a size #9 to #11.  It really helped to read the KAL thread where others also changed their needle size up.

     I'm reading "Sierra's Homecoming" by Linda Lael Miller in a two-book format - The McKettrick Legend: Sierra's Homecoming\The McKettrick Way (McKettrick Women).  I think this is one of my favorites.  It crosses two stories together, both happening in the same house, but different time periods.  One is in 1919 where Hannah has lost her husband to influenza as he was stationed in Europe for WW I.  She is seeing things in her grief, she thinks as the teapot mysteriously is put away or she hears piano music playing.  Meanwhile, her young son sees another boy in his room.  Then switch to modern days and Sierra and her young son, newly home with her son from being estranged from the McKettrick family, also sees the teapot mysteriously put away and her son sees another boy too!  Her mother grew up in the house and would also see the same things and she theorized that dual times co-existed in the same house.  Well done, the interplay of stories and romances.

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  1. That looks like such a cozy sweater. It is helpful to read others' comments on Ravelry, isn't it?

  2. Im going to save that EASY BULKY ONE.

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