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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Hudson Cowl

      I've spent the past year trying to knit through my stash figuring this, of course, justified buying just a bit more yarn.  One project bought years ago for a friend I unearthed and zapped up.  The Hudson Cowl is a free design by Lion Brand Yarns and done up in their lovely Wool-Ease Thick and Quick in Hudson Bay color.  

Emily in the Hudson Cowl

Hudson Cowl Free Pattern Link

     It was such a satisfying knit I was eager to find another person who'd want one; my youngest Maggie volunteered.   I quickly picked out a nice variegated blend I thought she'd like called Coney Island.  Now I'm more than half done; it is taking a bit longer because she wanted her cowl longer (I cast on 100 stitches) to wrap more easily around her head.  I'll probably make it not as wide as the original Hudson Cowl so that I'm still using 2 skeins (I have a third in case).  Peaceful,  rhythmic knit, my favorite, with 2 rows of knit, then 2 of purl.  And sometimes  I just love having the ease and speed of a Super Bulky yarn.  I found ordering from Joanns I got the greatest selection and you can take advantage of online deals and Joann's Coupons.

                                                          Hudson Cowl in Coney Island Color

My Reading 📚 Lately:

     Lately, I've been reading books by a British author Beth Moran who lives in a town in the actual Sherwood Forest.  All her books take place there.  Romance but with always a serious topic being challenged.   Her protagonist is the main focus as she's overcoming some personal difficulties.  The guy she falls in love with is there but more on the side with lots of interesting friends she makes.  In the end, lessons are learned and there's major overcoming.  And usually a kiss or two.  More of a feel-good, warm story. 

     I'm loving them and I've almost finished all I can find (a new one out in late March).  Thankfully I have Kindle Unlimited (so most are a free read) to go with my new Paperwhite Kindle (waterproof,  so a better choice than dropping my phone in the bath, which I did, twice this Fall, the phone died).

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  1. That cowl looks very warm and cozy. It also looks like it's fun to knit.

  2. That cowl is adorable! What fun colors in the yarn for your youngest! (And glad you have you back with the delightful Unraveled group!)