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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Boneyard Shawl


     I started my Boneyard Shawl with a lovely ball of yarn I discovered in stash.  I knew it was Malabrigo yarn, either worsted or DK but I couldn't remember what exactly it was, but it was so beautiful I had to cast on something.  After a continuous search through shawl patterns for something simple but different in Ravelry I found the Boneyard Shawl by Stephen West.  What first caught my eye was it's a balanced triangular shawl.  While I love doing asymmetrical shawl designs, I prefer to wear a balanced shawl on my shoulders.  Simple, easy to memorize, and rhythmic to knit, and fast-growing.

     My mystery yarn I finally figured out was Malabrigo Arroyo in Regatta Blue by looking up my purchases at Jimmy Beans.  Lately, I've been buying my Malabrigo locally in a shop reopened this summer under a new owner The Cashmere Goat; so I try to link my yarn with her to support our local yarn shop here in Camden, ME.  A lovely travel destination it would be for sure!  

     I'm really enjoying a Rom-Com I got through Book of the Month club "The Dating Plan".  The club seems to offer really smart and fun Rom-Coms and I'm going to be disappointed when this one is over.  It was released pre-publication and comes out mid-March.  In "The Dating Plan" Daisy Patel, a geeky young Indian woman agrees to a fake engagement with a former friend of her brother's who jilted her for the prom.  He is desperate to get married because his grandfather's will stipulates that to inherit his business he needs to be married.  Daisy needs to get her interfering large family who holds to traditional prearranged marriages from pressuring her with eligible suitors.  A fake engagement is made and one problem persists: they're falling in love with each other but with lots of comedy in between.

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  1. I keep looking at Boneyard and thinking I should make one. And your book looks fun!

    1. Boneyard is a must do! Gives you the satisfaction of seeing it grow fast compared to fingering wt shawls. Definitely check the book out. Great escape read.

  2. I love Boneyard! It is such a great shape! I knit one years ago and I still wear it! It is the perfect layer! I love your yarn choice!