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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Beads on My Reyna and the Mystery Book "The Divide"


Malabrigo Mechita in Whales Road

      On the lower rows of my Reyna Shawl I'm adding a row of beads in one lacey row of holes.  It'll add a bit of sparkle and a bottom weight to the shawl.  I have beads with a fairly small hole so I'm using a wire (gauge #30) looped to get the beads on instead of the crochet hook method.  I've tried a few times today at different points to apply beads, then undoing when it didn't work.   I want them right in the middle of a twisted post in the lace section.  Hopefully, this time I have it right, we shall see.  Pictures next week.

     "The Divide: A Jade Harrington Novel" (The Jade Harrington Series Book 3) is a mystery series mirroring our own times but with a different emphasis on issues, a female Progressive president and murder mysteries for Jade Harrington, an FBI agent to solve.  By the third book in the series "The Divide" there is revealed an elusive group behind a lot of the mysteries in all the books, yet I'm not at a point to know exactly how the group works, just that this super secret group exists.  There are hints that characters throughout the book are not what they seem, that they are secret members.  It certainly is a scary scenario of a super hyped progressive group sworn to "improve" society at all costs, even cyber-stealing, and murder.  This is the most recent book, published last month and the series is advertised as a 3-book series, but I do wonder if the mystery of the secret society will be totally revealed by the end or are the Jade Harrington books continuing and this mystery will continue?  I'm only halfway through, so we shall see.  It has been an engaging series and I'd be happy to see more of them. (Update, I finished the book today and yes I want to scream because I'm left at a huge cliffhanger.  While the murder mystery is somewhat solved, more mysteries are added at the end and now I wait, for the next book.  It is a very good series.)

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  1. The more your shawl grows, the more I like it! That yarn is perfect for that pattern!

  2. Your photos are just spectacular. Beading can be so fun! Ive yet to bead a shawl..but now you have me thinking