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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Yarns: Stuffed Animals for Children of Asylum Seekers and "Washington: A Life"


     I took the leap and created a new group on Ravelry called: "Resistance Knitters".  It is a place to compile Craftivist projects already existing and to brainstorm for new ideas of Craftivism to meet a myriad of causes.  I ask you to come on by and introduce yourself and tell us what is your most pressing cause(s) on your heart right now.  Do you have ideas of Craftism projects to meet this need or shall we brainstorm together to find solutions?  Ideas can range from charity knits to creating items that bring a needed focus to a cause (like the pink Pussyhats).

     One project we're working on is creating stuffed animals of animals and insects (like butterflies) that are threatened by the building of the Wall.  Then we want to give these cuddly creatures to children of asylum seekers waiting at the border or in asylum cities.  And we now have a connection to the founder and executive director of Sueños Sin Fronteras (Dreams Without Borders) who gives aid to asylum seekers at the border.  While they could use some cold weather items for asylum cities in the North where they also help, we decided that making stuffed animals would be an all-weather activity that can bring comfort to scared children.  Clutching an animal that is also soon to be homeless gives you a buddy that understands where you are at (when young my stuffed animals were very much alive).  Empathy from your soft friend.  If you want to join this endeavor join our new group "Resistance Knitters" on Ravelry and check out the discussion threads.  We have one thread for explaining the project in more detail and how to get a ship to address (it's a private shipping address so we ask you to PM a person), one thread for knitting patterns for animals and one for crochet.  The animals created are threatened by the Wall being built, not necessarily endangered, so a field mouse could be done.

To get an immediate idea of what is now happening at our border to threaten these creatures' habitat check out these Facebook sites: "No Border Wall""Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge" and "National Butterfly Center".   More info - The Border Wall and the Rio Grande.

The Ferruginous Pygmy Owl

Pattern - Owl

     And that takes me to my knitting project.  I'm knitting these adorable owls and to make them like the above Ferruginous Pygmy Owl.  I'm using a mottled looking brown yarn in Lions Wool-Ease Thick & Quick called Barley and size #15 double pointed needles (Amazon - #15 Needles).  For a Screech Owl, I'll switch to the color Fossil.  The eyes are still something I need to work out, these owls have yellow eyes.  There are some great button eyes on photos of this owl but I want it kid friendly.  The pattern calls for needle felting and I'm not familiar with that and not sure how permanent that would be.  Playing with the idea of felt disks white and yellow (and hot gluing them) and satin stitch yarn centers.  We shall see.

      I'm still pursuing my study of the American Revolution from all angles and I love biographies.  I'm in the middle of "Valiant Ambition" by Nathanial Philbrick.  A book about Washington and Benedict Arnold.  I was reading it on Kindle and up pops a sample of the audio on the bottom.  I knew I'd be sunk if I just listened!  Yes, I caved.  The voice is marvelous.  The book itself is massively exciting and detailed in certain battles the other authors haven't matched.  So, because felt I was in need of a book to hold and read, I grabbed the Ron Chernow book I got last week from Amazon in paperback (I think it weighs 2 lbs. even in paper!) "Washington: A Life".  My excitement for the book ratcheted as soon as I read the back and several pages at the front of reviews.  I believe I'm in for an amazing read!

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  1. Elise, I hope my comment went through. I am joining the group and i am posting on my blog today

  2. What a brilliant idea! Those separated children weigh heavily on my mind. And, Washington!! I can't wait to hear your thoughts on that tome!