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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Yarns - A Cup Cozy

     It's a snowy day here in Colorado, not unusual for October.  But the sun is shining and the yellow leaves looked like they survived in some spots.  I'm knitting and drinking tea, as usual, and fighting with my tablet and laptop to get my storage down to post pictures.  Sigh, I give up.  They were really nice pictures.

© Julie Tarsha 2009

     I started knitting a nice cup cozy in a beautiful orange, a nice rusty tone of Heartland yarn in Yosemite.  The pattern has cables entwined in it and as the name implies, it buttons up - Button Up your Cup.  Just looking at the color is an autumn treat.  It also is the starting color on a wrap I'd like to start making when I have cleared off some of my WIPs.  Coffee Shop Wrap is a free pattern of a knitted huge shawl, but this one uses Lion's cotton yarn and I want to use the Lion's Heartland yarn used in the crocheted version - Tea House Wrap, but maybe colors close to the Coffee Shop Wrap.  I love the colors of Heartland; after my own heart, all named after National Parks.  Yosemite is a start when I feel free enough to do it.  For now, Christmas presents rule the day, my cup cozy just snuck in.  I guess dreaming is harmless.

© Two of Wands

     I'm reading an oh-so-good book on Kindle.  Oh my, excellent.  It's on sale and I got a heads up through BookBub.  "The Mountain Between Us" is a riveting read of two people stranded in a snowy wilderness after a small plane crash.  A doctor wants to get home after his flight is cancelled because of a snow storm.  Instead of waiting it out at a hotel he walks next door to a private airport and hires an old man to pilot him to Denver for a connecting flight.  He invites a stranger he just met to join him in the flight, a young woman who is rushing to get home for her wedding.  During this whole experience the doctor is talking to his wife on a recorder, recounting their past together.  So continually the story of the doctor's romance with his wife comes out as the two in the present try to survive.  Enough said, I hate the plot being given away and I find even the jacket cover description too in depth.  Just take my word for it, it's great.  If you like to know more - "The Mountain Between Us" GoodReads

     Today I'm also finishing the last details for a fundraiser I've run since last year's devastating hurricane in Puerto Rico.  Last year we had just joined a group that meets in a local Coffeehouse on Sunday mornings to discuss almost anything and everything.  Led by a Philosophy professor from a local college, most of us are Christians, but many of us are much more Liberal than many Christians found in Colorado Springs, the mecca of Fundamentalist Christianity.  I appreciate the time to openly discuss and bat around concepts.  We were invited to come by a longtime missionary friend.  By the time we joined this group, they were already contributing to another missionary that was going into Puerto Rico to help after the hurricane of September 2017.  He takes groups of volunteers for week trips into Puerto Rico and the local government hosts them (The volunteers only pay for airfare to get there).  Each time they go they target homes that need repair.  I came up with the idea of running a Night of Music for Puerto Rico.  The cafe was also a hot spot for musicians with a stage.  So began our efforts.  Our first Night of Music helped a newly widowed old woman get the second story of her house fixed after the roof blew off so it could now be the roof.  Also, it paid for the paint for her bathroom.  She was very happy!

"The Storys"

     Next Monday night at Jives Coffee Lounge in Old Colorado City we'll run the third music night from 7 - 10 PM.  We have a great lineup of musicians, including a well known Folk Group "The Storys".  Also, the mayor of Cayey, P.R. Rolando Ortiz will speak and philosophy students from the local college on Puerto Rico.  If you're not able to join us please consider donating.  To the right, in the margin is a picture of the PR flag on a house, push it and it'll get you to a GoFund Me page that directly gives to the mission's PayPal account (not me).  We often get feedback on how the money is used and I'm impressed with how great it is to have a direct way to give money to help and Puerto Ricans still need lots of help.  "On Hurricane Maria Anniversary, Puerto Rico Is Still in Ruins"

Come Join Us at Unraveled Wednesday



  1. Oh, Elise! Bravo to you and your little group! What a beautiful way to help another person.

    Also, that coffee wrap! TOO CUTE! That would be a lovely Christmas gift! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Congratulations on being a part of a wonderful group. That coffee wrap is going into my favorites. Like you, I am committed to birthday and Christmas knitting for now but dreaming of some indulgent knits in January.

  3. Ive always wanted to knit coffee cup cozies, but never seem to . I love yours. I also love that the shawl can be knitted or crocheted. Time to put that on my TO do list