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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Yarns - A Silky Shawl and "The Nightingale"

     I thought tiny would be nice.  I wanted a small kerchief around my neck for the Fall, even though I have two skeins of Malabrigo Silky Merino in Teal Feather (alas, the pictures don't capture the bright turquoise color), I was planning to only use one skein.  I finished The Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief as designed (after the third round of eyelets).  Bound off, wrapped it around my neck to show my husband and paused.  This is REALLY tiny, I thought.  And not as beautiful as it could be, the rest of the yarn forlornly waiting in my bag.  Instantly, I knew I had to rip out my day's work and finish off the second skein for another tier of stockinette and eyelet holes.  I could imagine the warmth and softness from a fuller shawl around my neck; really feel that sumptuous soft silky yarn in my mind.  I'll finish it just in time to usher in Fall.

     I'm still reading "The Nightingale" by Kristin Hannah and enjoying it fully.  She evokes an era, especially the life in the French countryside as war breaks out.  It reminded me of this apartment I saw in an article that had been discovered after 70 years. 

      This Parisian woman left her Paris apartment and locked her door the year the Germans invaded Poland in 1939 and England and France declared war on Germany.  She relocated down South within the Free Zone of France and in June of the following year, Paris was invaded, as this book describes, with millions thrown out in the streets as refugees, heading South.  These pictures in the article give a glimpse of an era gone by - A Home Was Abandoned In 1939. 70 Years Later, They Unlock The Door And Find Something Stunning.  A book I just found is inspired by this woman and her apartment - "The Velvet Hours".  I will be checking it out, it's recommended for lovers of "The Nightingale".

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  1. I think you made the best decision to use your second skein. That will be a gorgeous shawl! Beautiful photos!

  2. Teal Feather is gorgeous! I have a couple skeins of it kicking around. I've actually read The Nightingale for two different book groups--loved it!

    1. I was going to make this with the remaining skein. I'll have to order one skein again of something else, maybe fall like. It's a snug cowl designed for Malabrigo Silky Worsted.

  3. What a great story about the abandoned apartment. I think you will be glad you are using the second skein of yarn in that shawl. I have one or two one skein shawls and I don't wear them often because they feel so skimpy. Beautiful colors in your photos.

  4. A yarn with silk is perfect around the neck.
    So many people have recommended The Nightengale to me. I started it a while ago, but it didn't grab me. I find that sometimes you have to wait for the right time to read a book.

  5. I think my friend would LOVE that book. The velvet hours. Must write it done