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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Wednesday's Yarns


     With a beautiful dark blue Stroll Tonal Sock Yarn called Orbit I tried out several asymmetrical shawls, each one not really doing it for me.  I had bought it for the "Just Knit It" pattern and I find that's the only pattern that fits me right now.  Even though I just finished one, I just love a rhythmic knit that I can disappear into.  So I'm "Just Knitting It", and I love the simplicity of the results.  Perfect symmetry and a shallow silhouette.

© stitchnerd

"Just Knit It" done in Lion's Heartland (a worsted made a thicker depth)

     I did finish the Boiled Maine Mittens just in time for my son to fly off, literally.  I finished the last rows, tucked in the ends as we took him to the airport.  Car trouble (bad gas!) delayed us a bit and also getting sandwiched in a funeral procession for a fallen police officer (very sad).  We got to the airport just in time and the mitts were done!  I left the boiling to my son.  I had found this recipe on how to shrink the mitts just to size - Boiled Wool A Felting Alternative.  When he sends me pictures I'll post them.  Now I need to make a ladies size for his girlfriend whose hands are just a bit smaller than mine.  Hopefully casting on this week.

     A few months ago I joined the Book of the Month Club and it hasn't disappointed.  Bonfire: A Novel by Krysten Ritte (November 7, 2017) is a great read.  Unique wording, an interesting flawed main character returning to her small town after 10 years absence.  A mystery is woven into a past recounting of being horrifically picked on in High School by the mean girls.  Now she's a lawyer for an environmental group trying to find the truth.  What happened to the worst of the mean girls who disappeared after senior year?  Were the kids who tormented her really sick or faking it as they said?  Is the main business employing the towners and donating generously hiding something?  Is the water contaminated and has there been a cover-up?  Intriguing plot and right now I seemed to have fallen into a gripping part where memories of the past are colliding with the now.  Great read!


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  1. Sometimes a garter stitch shawl just hits the spot. And it is blue - one of my favorite colors. Happy Knitting.

  2. Beautiful knitting, and I agree sometimes garter stitch is just so awesome!! I read Bonfire also! Thank you for joining us today!

  3. Boiled wool..I must check it out